Calling all Toby experts, what the hell is this?

Hey Everyone, i’m working on a Toby review and I have a few questions to the experts before I release my video onto youtube.

I have two questions

  1. Does ADORABLE Provide anything?

  2. What the hell does “Me n My Mech” actually do?

Appreciated friends.

Well, guess i’ll play a game while i wait

@Kitty_Jo Unless you can move this to the general discussion. I don’t think anyone is really here lol.

Well, technically it does belong here.

Here. Let me see if I can help. From what i remember, @Kaleidodemon is a big Toby fan. Maybe he can help ya :slight_smile:
Ive pinged him to get his attention.

I think Adorable doesn’t really do anything and just describes Toby’s cuteness levels. It’s just sort of a fun thing they threw on Toby though it does take up a spot that could have been used for more useful info. Me 'n My Mech is basically just the same as other Talents such as Rath’s Bladekeeper’s Vestment or Phoebe’s Technocracy. If you can figure out what those are supposed to do…

Thank you friend. Time for some detective work.

Pretty sure all the talents describe is the fact that all characters become generally stronger as they level.

I really don’t know why they bothered writing it in as a character feature.

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Extra cuteness

It adds the appropriate level of deception needed for swift and judicious death, like a Cobra in a Koala suit.


Short answer nothing.
Long answer tags dont really give bouns just state what the character is good at. There more like tips.
Me and my mech or any talent again doesnt do anything really just more information on what they have or will have as you level up.
Good example would be thorn and mellka. Thorn talent is rapid health regen but all eldrid get it. Mellka talent is her secondary attack yet she still has health regen and all battleborn l2 does something even though it may not be a talent.
So its more information that toby helixs and skills and passive can adapt to the battlefield thats his talent doesnt give you like a speicial bouns.


Me n My Mech just indicates the style or theme of what your helix choices will change and modify. This is the same for many other characters. Oscar Mike’s mentions his armor and weapon being highly customizable or something like that.

“Adorable” is a pure Easter Egg, no doubt.

All I know is the first time I saw Toby’s character model my immediate reaction was: “OMFG BATTLE MECH PENGUIN! YAAAAASSSS!”