Calling All xBox Players!

Hey xBox players!

You all still alive out there?

I hear it’s become quite a ghost town in xBoneville!

What’s going on over there?

“I have not shared this experience. I haven’t found many people on here or on the discord to group with who play xbox (even made a topic about it looking for specifically pvp players, but it got moved to some console section) but there always seems to be plenty of people on xbox itself. I usually have no issues getting games of incursion on demand with only 5 minutes or so wait time at the max.”

also, this thread will probably be moved like mine was

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I can take it!

I have never really had an issue finding an incursion match on Xbox one. Other than server issues I have always found a match in less than 5 min

Ps4 has the majority of the forum users on it. Xbox hosts niche games better than others though, so it’s more popular though (have no exclusives? Make your own exclusives!)


XB1 player here. Though most Forum members seem to be PS4 or PC I don´t think XB1-playerbase is small.
I never wait more than 4 minutes for a match or mission, only if its advanced PvE its hard to find random teammates.

Were´nt you on PS4 @FlamesForAll ?


I am still on PS4, Ganj!

My endless curiosity just had me wondering whether something had happened recently in the xBone BB community!

I find matches in less than 5 minutes, almost everytime. :slight_smile:

Matches take about 5 minutes (or less, if you’re lucky) to load up and start.

Now, if we’re talking about PvE … it’s very difficult to end up with a team of more than 3 people but it can be done on occasion.