Calling all Zane and shottie fans

Zanes because that’s who I main and collect gear for exclusively and shotties because my Lazy Zane build uses only shotties. As a result I have a nice collection of Brainstormers and Hellwalkers and trevonators but my best corrosive shotgun (I think) is still just a plain old non blessed Butcher. Can someone help me out with a “better” one please?. And, just taking a cheeky flier here, if there is such a thing as a Hellwalker with the 60/70 accuracy/crit barrier anoint and you have one…pretty please can I have one too? :star_struck:.

I have LOTS of Zane specific gear and anything I have now or will have in the future I am happy to share.

Psn: Traksta1

Thanks for looking @jorgeammo but perhaps I should have been clearer with my request. Just looking for any corrosive Butcher that is better than the stocker I have. Clone and barrier anoints (if there is such a thing for the Butcher) are best for me as I can’t seem to get along with drone use at all.

I kept very little Barrier or Clone stuff.

I have a corrosive Butcher 100% ASE or Corrosive Butcher next 2 mags Bonus Corrosive.

I nobody has what you want and would like one of those to tide you over let me know.

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Will do. Very kind.