Cal's Ultimate Line Cutting?

Hope I put this in the right section ^^; but, since the winter update, I’ve noticed Caldarius’ one ultimate line cuts out and goes static-y as he goes to say it. The rest of his lines are working fine except that one. I’m not sure which exact line it is though.
When playing with a friend, she said heard it from her side as well.
I’m on PC so I’m not sure if it’s doing this on PS4 or Xbox One as well.

Any one else having this issue or is it just me?

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If an ult is interrupted it will be cut off. Sometimes other things can cut out a call out too, like getting slowed, but this applies to all lines in the game.

Yeah, but we were testing it at the end of Oscar Mike’s dlc after beating the boss. We waited for the story dialogue to end and made sure no other characters were calling out and it still occured when I used my ultimate.

I’ve noticed some characters - say Bendict- have also their lines cut when they talk within Character Select screen. And not usual “time’s out” way, just mid time.