Calypso Twins Fanart

Hi guys! Worked really hard on a fanart piece on the Calypso Twins OWO
Let me know what you guys think!

I update frequently on wip and fancy artsy thing here :
The wallpaper resolution is also available as rewards for my ko-fi supporters :


These two came out awesome. Well done good sir and/or madam.

this is very hot. 15/10 amazing job

Really nice!
That extremely punchable smirk on Tyreen is something every villain should aspire to. Good work my friend

ahhh thanks so much my dude! means a lot!

im all for the smirk and smug faces owo/ thanks so much!!

^^ Thank you sir! :smiley:

This looks killer! Good job :sunglasses:

Good representation of her. Iā€™m still not super fond of her look in-game in general. Maybe it will grow on me.

Well done!

This is a masterpiece!

Gorgeous! Perfect 5/7!