Came back from vacation(19) and Matchmaking is worst then even, what happend?

Pug vs CR90+ full group
CRank1-5 pug to CR90+ full group…

How are we supposed to be ‘competitif’, when your team barely know the game vs a full group…

Also more often now, I am teamated or the other team are 2-4 players in red bar… soo laggy.

Cannot you guys priority those crap ?

sorry for my English.

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Wait. This is the only thing to do now

The next update gonna change matchmaking but we don’t know how.

Play PVE and try to mastered some characters if you are not happy from PVP.

The update before last completely destroyed matchmaking. Just throws random people together, good players, bad players, new players, players that dont know anything. All playing together.

Supposedly Ranked Play is coming next week.