Cameo Characters - Who would you want to cameo?

So along with all the glory that is Borderlands there is always the idea of wonderful little cameos that may or may not happen. If the wonderful creators of Borderlands were to put cameo characters in; who would you chose? How would they play? What would their motivation and backstory be?

My choice #1: Riddick - Because seriously he’s practically a Vault Hunter anyways. Shotguns and Melee specialist, Riddick’s action skill would be a hyper-sensitive heightened state where he removes his eyewear and you see through his type of sight; moving objects of course being highlighted and taking higher damage.

Character #2: Rubi Malone (W.E.T.) - Rubi is a mercenary ready to take on many challenges with a high acrobatic ability and a hell of a temper that sends her into a blood rage - which would be her action skill. Mush like Nisha’s, she would gain great bonuses from handguns and to accuracy.

Character #3 Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Deadpool Movie Version) - A young but powerful mutant; in the Borderlands universe she would most definitely be a Siren. He action skill would of course be her power - huge blasts of energy that ravage opponents.

Character #4 Jinx (League of Legends) - A maniac with guns ad explosives, Jinx would fit into the borderlands like butter on bread. Her action skill i’d imagine would be calling forth a rain of explosives to decimate the field before her all while dancing around like the peppy hyperactive crazy person she is.

What do you guys think? Who would be on your cameo vault hunter team?

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How did this topic not get any replies???
Edward Kenway (Black Flag)- His action skill would be like some weird mashup of Gunzerking and the Death Blossom from Overwatch. Throwing away his pistols as he empties them, giving them all the Tediore reload ability.
The Outsider (Dishonored)- Not the awful version from Dishonored 2, but the first one. Mysterious, off-putting, intimidating. His ability would be a combination of Lilith’s invisibility and the Fragtrap’s ally buff. Giving each other Vault Hunter a new action skill from the Dishonored games.
The War Doctor- Far more intense than any of his other incarnations, this version of the Doctor is taking a break from the Time War to join another adventure. His ability could either use the TARDIS and travel the party to a point where the enemy dies of old age, or use the Sonic Screwdriver to disable the enemies guns.
I can’t come up with a fourth :frowning: