Camera Bug on PS5

Issue: camera moving erratically in small increments counter to previous camera movement.

Single Player, started after loading into Sanctuary with the 3rd Vault Key.

Frequency: irregular

Bug description: camera will move in small stutters in the opposite direction of the pervious camera movement, while standing still or moving, no obvious cause or trigger.

Will upload and link video soon.

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I keep getting this issue, it makes the game pretty mucn unplayable.

Not only do I get a strange stutter movement, sometimes the camera just keeps spinning around.

I tried resetting the controller rebooting the console, even turning off Bluetooth and connecting via USB. No change.

Here’s a video of the camera just spinning and moving erratically without my finger on the stick.

Looks like hardware (DS) issue. Is it happening in other games too?

At first I was sure it was the game. I mean, new console, new controller, and this wasn’t exactly stick drift, it was much more pronounced and very erratic, inconsistent.

Then I thought it might be the controller, like a connection issue, interference, something like that. So I tried resetting the controller, connecting via USB etc., but nothing helped.
But just when I was pretty sure it had to be the controller, I had some funny graphical glitch in the game and performance issues, bad pop-in, long loading between menu and playing…

I haven’t tried another game yet, I only had borderlands installed. I worried it might be the console overheating, so I’ll also test it with a thermometer on top.

But I’m unsure where to put the blame rn, so I’ll try both fronts. :woman_shrugging:

Even if you connect it via usb, you need change it in the settings I think. Otherwise it will still be connected wireless.

You may try rebuilding database then. If it won’t help, checking other game may be next step, before the full system reinstallation.
Astro’s Playroom is a free game for every PS5 users. It also uses every feature of DualSense, so it might be great test to see if controller is ok. It’s also a great game on its own so I recommend checking it anyway.

On PS5, you actually have an option to disable the Bluetooth via the settings, so that’s what I did. Before that, I turned off the Bluetooth on my phone in case it was interfering.
The PS5 is less than three meters from me and the controller, so it shouldn’t, but still, I tried what I could.

I will test two other games tonight then, Pathless and Astro. While also putting thermometers on the PS5 to see if it’s maybe overheating (though it’s lying horizontally, it’s not in a cabinet and has lots of space around it.