Camera movement unresponsive


I was wondering if anyone else has the same issue as I have. It seems like camera movement and even mouse wheel zooming has some kind of acceleration to it.

If I move my mouse very slowly, camera do not move at all, and if I move fast, it does move much faster. Same goes for the mouse wheel. I find it very annoying and very unresponsive. Is anyone else having the same issue?

I am running game on Windows 7 x64 and I have removed acceleration from the system using registry fix. I do not have any issue with any other game.

I have problem only with camera movement to the left or up. Any movement to the right or down is perfectly fine. Very annoying.


vsync. bane of fluid gaming

I do not think this issue is related to Vsync, I have it switched off and if I track my FPS they go way above my monitor refresh rate, I think it is some kind of acceleration. Or thats at least my impression.