Camera Panning Issue

Hello all, big time fan of the series (as we all are) and am super excited/grateful Gearbox has saved the HW franchise from oblivion.
Here’s the issue:
I use wasd for camera movement and if I set any other function to these keys with a modifier (shift+w for example) panning the camera causes it to continuously pan forever; If I set the camera panning to wasd and do not set any functions to those keys with modifiers it works fine.
This is a huge issue for me because I LOVE the ability to set modifier keys on a few keys located around wasd, you can get up to 8 functions on a single key with the three available modifier keys!
This doesn’t end the game for me, just drastically decreases my drive to play :frowning:
Hopefully someone will happen across this as I doubt there are many in this same boat, so here goes nothing!