Camera Rotation Bug

When the right mouse button is held to rotate the camera the left right up and down key presses don’t function. Sometimes they do work, but mostly they don’t.

Hi @Agentmoo,

Thanks for reporting this to us. I’ve passed this info on to our team and they’ll look into it ASAP.

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Also you cannot change zoom while rotating and when rotating the game doesn’t lock the cursor so I keep panning when I don’t mean to because the cursor invisibly hits the edge of the game.


And while we’re add it we need rebindable keys and the ability to turn off edge screen panning, I wanna use just the keyboard or middle mouse :3

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Yea the lack of cursor lock when spinning the camera means constant unintended camera pans when trying to get a good view. Really puts a downer on playing actually since it’s such a constant annoyance.