Camera Shake When Exiting Vehicle Bug

Hi, I’m having a very unusual bug that I can’t see to find anyone else experiencing. I’ve uploaded footage of it here. It’s causing me bad motion sickness whenever it happens.

Edit: Additional bug footage.

The camera shakes violently when exiting any vehicle. This was happening both before and after the latest hotfix.

Things I have tried that do not fix the bug:

  • Increasing/decreasing graphics settings
  • Changing the framerate cap/removing framerate cap
  • Changing between Windowed/Borderless Windowed/Fullscreen
  • Changing monitor from external display to laptop screen
  • Playing with an Xbox One controller and playing with mouse & keyboard
  • Exiting different vehicles
  • Changing FOVs
  • Changing v-sync
  • Closing all other programs
  • Exiting different seats in the vehicle (happens in driver, gunner, passenger seats etc. but does not happen getting out of the Gunner’s Mech turret)

My specs are:

  • MSI gaming laptop
  • NVIDIA GTX 1070 (latest drivers installed)
  • Windows 10 (latest updates installed)
  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • 16GB RAM

Do you get the same shake when your vehicle is not parked up against a wall?

Yes I do. It’s been happening in every vehicle I’ve gotten out of.

Send a link to your video to the support desk (link in pinned post at the top of this section). They may be able to offer some suggestions.

Thank you! I’ll send them a link. I also recorded and uploaded some additional footage of it too, which I’ll edit into my post and send as well :slight_smile:

Was there ever a fix found for this? I had the same issue on Xbox and was able to resolve it, but I don’t recall how. My buddy and I are now playing on PC for the first time, and he’s experiencing the bug. I can’t remember how I fixed it before though.

Was it something in the Accessibility settings, perhaps? There’s a couple of controls there that affect stuff on screen.

Unfortunately not. We’ve spent about 2 hours solid trying to fix it by changing various options in the game, can’t find a solution. Also not seeing anything online besides this post, which seems odd considering we’ve both had the issue nearly a year apart from each other.

The only time I can think of seeing something like that myself is when the position of the vehicle is such that jumping out triggers all manner of hitbox collisions. Having said that, I know that player 2 (either on-line or local) does seem to get a bit of a raw deal generally when travelling in a vehicle.

You could try dropping a line to 2K support to see if they’ve had anything similar submitted - link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section.