Campaign and multiplayer footage - can we upload? License and distribution rights; copyrights

Hey there. After scouring the internet and emailing Gearbox twice, I can still find no answer to this question: do we, the players, have the necessary permission from Gearbox to upload HW video footage of both campaign and multiplayer cutscenes and gameplay to a website, namely YouTube? And, if we do, are we allowed to monetize?
Homeworld being my favorite game ever, the instruction manual having torn pages from so much re-reading, I am yearning for the opportunity to share the experience with an audience, monetization allowed or not, but I do need YouTube to know that the game’s developer gives me permission to use this content in my videos, or it’s a surefire way of getting my channel shut down.
Does anybody have any clue on how we can get Gearbox to make a statement on this issue? I, for one, yearn for other people’s videos as well!

People do it with Borderlands, so I don’t see any issues here.

I’m thinking Borderlands does not have a soundtrack this famous… YouTube’s content ID will pick this up, since it is widely commercialized by major record companies, even if the executions of Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings differ slightly.