Campaign build quirks?

On a pass through my campaign efforts and noticed something odd, which is that I can’t build anything. All research is being granted, there are build options that should be left un-restricted, the race name in the level file seems correct, and the build ship can be used to build ships with the same race files in skirmish mode, but in my single player file there’s nothing in the build list at all. I was hoping someone, perhaps @pascal76680, had an idea what to check next.


Ha, it reminds me @EatThePath that I have to give you all the info about the persist.lua stuff, on the other topic :wink:

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You have raceName in your level file, but it’s not sufficient.

In your .lua of the mission :

Level_Pass_Tags = "campaign_goa,campaign_ssc"
Race_Pass_Tags = "race_goa" 

In your campaign file :

contentRules = "Goauld_Tutorial_SP"
ExtFilter = "campaign_tutorial,campaign_goa,campaign_ssc"

Content rules is the rules for this campaign, but if you don’t want to make your rule, use “singleplayer”.

I hope this tricks can help you, for me it’s work … so try try try … :slight_smile:

That worked, thank you very much!

Yes, please! :smiley:

There you go buddy: