Campaign Challenge difficulty

Just curious if anyone tried (and succeeded) on the harder difficulty on either story mission. Myself and a friend tried it but I don’t think two people can clear it.

Hey! Me and my sister cleared The Void’s Edge on advanced, not Hardcore(I am not sure which one you meant) and we did it in 1 try. We did have a lot of trouble with the final boss, but we both assigned tasks to ourselves and each other and we made it through.
We played as Mellka and Marquis.

I got through the Algorithm with 4 friends once, and got silver rank iirc. We tried Void’s Edge, but got distracted and Wolf got killed. I don’t remember our team comp, tho I know both times I was Orendi

I didnt try hardcore but did do advanced solo it was pretty easy but i did die so would of fail hardcore

I beat The Void’s Edge on Normal-Hardcore solo with Caldarius, if it’s any consolation

Cleared Algorithm on advanced hardcore twice. Once with Oscar and Miko, second time with Oscar, Miko and Rath. The beginning is the most difficult. If one overextends and gets taken out, he puts the whole team in risky situation trying to revive. After lvl 5 it gets much easier. Until you run into those big fat robots, which on that difficultly have this annoying charge up attack that basically one shots you if you are closer to him.

I cleared Both on advanced Hardcore as Orendi with a friend who played Oscar Mike. The only time we had trouble was the Ronin Robot and sometime the Elite both would just one shot us lol. Took a couple of try but it’s definitely possible to duo.

Thanks I think my problem was I was trying Toby, and we were pushing hard at the start of Algorithm. I’ll have to try again at release.

I really recommend taking a support with you. Especially Reyna if you are playing with 2 people. She is a very usefull character and does quite some damage.

And take it easy, some enemies are quite damn strong.


I did Void’s Edge on advanced hardcore with another guy. Except for one time when I got downed due to my own mistake, it was easy.