Campaign - Co-op?

So, I think I know the answer, but please confirm: Although the campaign is meant to be played together, in co-op, I can’t play it with my wife unless we buy a second console and set up a second tv in the same room. Maybe she could go to the neighbor’s house to play it with me?

You see where I am going - right? I think I heard that GB has committed the sin of omission with regard to split screen in a co-op campaign on a platform easily capable of rendering 2 POVs simultaneously. Correct?


Do you have any source on this? I hope it will have splitscreen.

Im pretty sure they all but confirmed Split Screen in the Game Informer Podcast. They definetly said they liked the idea, and iirc didnt try and wave it off. (They did state tha 4-player would most likely be impossible).

Considering that, and the fact that they’ve wholeheartly supported split-screen with 3 Borderlands games (and 4-player with THC) I think its safe to assume BattleBorn has splitscreen.

Until of course they say it doesnt and we get pissed off because we deluded ourselves into thinking we were entitled to it.


I forgot this game had a campaign. Still completely unsure why it has one to be honest.

They’ve supported couch co-op on everything else so far (besides pc) I don’t see why they’ll stop now.

But seriously though, im pretty sure the Campaign is a large part of the game. Im really looking forward to it.

I’m sure it will be as good as Evolves or Titanfalls campaign :^)

(I searched “cool gif” and this is what I got… What even is this? halp)

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Yeah, if a games “story mode” is just multiplayer games with Dialouge, then it isn’t a campaign.

I’m hoping BattleBorn is like Tf2 (wide variety of characters with wildly varying playstyles) in a traditional “level based” campaign, with (hopefully) varied levels/objectives.

Discrete seperate “levels” or “stages” are a dying breed, which is sad. Nothing like replaying The Silent Cartographer in Halo or the Sniper Mission in COD4 or Bolderdash in Crash Bandicoot just for fun.

It sounds like fun. “hobby grade campaign” is how they described it. Which reminds me of Borderlands.

Hobby Grade means as much as Hero Shooter.

Iono, I just dunno why they announced a Not-a-Moba Moba but continue to show everything besides that every time they talk about it.
Unless that now has a backseat then… idonteven

There will infact be split screen coop :slight_smile:

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Because not everyone enjoys mindless fragging without at least some kind of story/point?

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I’m not sure if it’s just me but is there only one campaign coop mission because I’ve only been doing The algorithm and it’s getting kind of repetitive.

euoe19 - I’m pretty sure Algorithm is the only story map available right now, more may become readily playable as the beta continues but not quite yet.

I am rather annoyed at the auto Que after completing a map, completed a game and went to help my wife real quick only to come back and be in another game without knowing it. I maaaaay have pissed off some of my teammates.

thanks for the response I wasn’t sure if there was only one map available to play and the auto Que is a little annoying but i think its for when there are more than one level to keep player moving along the story line.

I just discovered that I got a key for the technical test and the first thing I thought was, “Oh let me try story mode and get an idea of how to play the game before going online and getting my butt handed to me by real players!”

Jokes on me apparently as I choose story mode, it finds players then says its loading game data and never loads…

I then think, “Maybe that part just isn’t available currently??” So I close the game and reopen it, this time hopping on over to versus to give that a shot. Well I’ll be damned I am stuck on the searching for teammates section and it just isn’t even finding one players!

Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

I was having trouble with Versus last night but Story Co-op does take a few to load and setup so give a minute or so.

Please split screen would be important to play with my daughter , if so many more people would buy this game

Go check in the CTT section. There was an update recently released for the issue you’re talking about.

My husband and I were so hoping we could play split screen co-op just like with Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Then we can game together on our console and also play with a friend all on the same couch, which is hilarious and fun! He brings his console and we have a small extra screen, so it really works out.