Campaign DLC. Here's hoping it's Bunkers and Badasses

(Matrixneo42) #1

I think we’ll get a scifi Bunkers and Badasses. Or maybe even a low gravity fantasy themed Bunkers and Badasses 2. Who says we couldn’t have skeletons in low gravity?

In any case, maybe some unfarmable loot pools will repeat in here and now farmable. That would be nice. They did that with the B&B version of Jack.

If the theme is SCIFI then I’m guessing we’ll totally see some Star Wars or Star Wars spoofing. Or even Flash Gordon. “Ming!”

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(Impala) #2

Janey could be the narrator of this DLC. Kinda like B&B with Tina, but more “childish”, like a children’s book. There’s plenty of room for references, new enemies, new loot, and aussie humor. Maybe Hugh Jackman could do the narrating instead.

(Matrixneo42) #3

That would be tight!

(Shrimpling) #4

Perfect excuse to use Brian Blessed.