Campaign Junk Challenge

So this is a little challenge I did and beat. It’s quite annoying and a little fun when the enemies aren’t being cheap. Here are the rules I used and would like to see what you guys think of it.

:: Only use white and green items and weapons.
:: No pet classes so no Gaige, Axton, Roland, or Wilhelm.
:: No glitches or mods but aesthetic mods are okay like skins.
:: Solo only and no co-op.
:: Start with a new character.
:: Disable BAR

More rule ideas (subject to change)
:: For TVHM you can only have one blue and purple weapon or item but it can’t be a unique one (one with flavor text).
:: For UVHM you are allowed one legendary to use and a blue and purple item/weapon. Again no unique blue items/weapons.
:: For UVHM you may have one friend to play with you, but only one.

Lots of people have done this before. However, the rule shouldn’t be no Gaige or Axton, just avoid using their action skill.

Similar ideas include only using weapons you find. So if you find a rare item, it’s fair to use, especially since it will likely be outclassed in 5 levels.