Campaign Length

First off, this game looks like it will be amazing. I’m an MMO guy, but I’ve absolutely loved playing Borderlands and Borderlands 2 (500+ hours). Ive never been interested in MOBAs or PvP-based games, so it was nice to hear that this would have a campaign mode.

My question/concern though: What sort of campaign length can we expect? Will it be comparable to BL2, with a fully fleshed out story and plenty of opportunity to spend a long time playing solo/with friends, or will it be the “campaign” mode that a lot of multiplayer games tack on that at best give you a few hours worth of mediocre gameplay?

I’d be willing to throw money at this game right now, but I’m extremely apprehensive to do so if the single player/co-op mode isn’t worth it. Personally I don’t see why a game such as this couldn’t have both an extensive campaign for people like myself, as well as a great multiplayer/PvP side to it for the people who really want that.
In my opinion I think that’s what a game like this needs in order to differentiate itself from other competitive FPS like CS:Go, Overwatch, TF2 and the many others. By catering to both sides of the coin, you not only make a name for yourself (just look at Halo) but you attract players/customers from all aspects of gaming.

While it’s still early days (here’s hoping for a beta invite), I sincerely hope the campaign is extensive enough to warrant a lot of people buying this.


While Battleborn does have a story, I don’t expect it will be as fully fleshed out as the Borderlands games are. I don’t think there will be side quests from what we have seen so far. The best way I might be able to describe it as is that the story is like the campaigns in Call of Duty and GTA, except Battleborn’s campaign is multiplayer. The story will exist, but the main focus will most likely be the pvp.

While I’m sure the PvP with be heavily emphasized, this seems like it has a lot of potential for a deep co-op experience, too.


I’m hoping that hero development will be done mostly through campaign, and that major battles will be required to move the story along. I can’t wait to see it.

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Its going to be very different to Borderlands since instead of an “open world” with quests and stuff its a series of linear levels (your Halo comparison works again here), I think its been hinted that some missions can be played in a non-linear order though.

As for length its hard to say, I doubt it will be as long as Bl2 because very few linear games are as long as non linear ones because of the travel time and re-using areas.

It was said somewhere that Battleborn has “9 episodes” or something, but we have no clue what that means.

9 levels?
How long are the levels? The demo they’ve been showing off isnt an entire level (but I doubt its much longer because it cuts off just before a big boss which I assume is the end, and most players reached level 10 by that point), and also started with 4 Helix points, so they could be an earlier section as well.

Most playthorughs took 20ish minutes, lets assume the average time for a campaign level is 30 minutes for your first playthrough where you dont know the layout etc…

Thats only 4.5 hours, which is pretty bad.

9 “Chapters” each with levels inside them
Maybe its nine planets or zones (they specically mentioned the Eldrid homeworld being diverse climate), where each one has 1-3 missions of varying lenghts. That could easily get the campaign up to 10-15 hours (which is probably the reasonable limit we can expect from a linear level based game)

Obviously all this is pulled straight from my ass, but its something I also care deeply about since I too much prefer single-player/ coop to competitive multiplayer. However a short campaign is not always bad if ever second is amazing and no ideas or elements get tired or burned out (see: Vanquish), but <5 hours is REALLY pushing it.

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From my understanding it was mentioned that there will be 9+ episodes/chapters/missions/levels/stages in which they will tell you the epic story.
It’s still work in progress so i think they wanted to be save and say 9, if there is time they can squeeze in some more content.

E3/PAX/Gamescom/SDCC Demo level (Blizz) was a shortened level.
Yes you started at level 4, the end was cut out and i think i missed a bit of a introduction into the level.
Time to complete the demo level was +/- 25min (5 player co-op, so on SOLO this could take some more time)
In an early interview it was mentioned GBX was aiming for 30 to 45min chunks

9 x 30 = 270 : 60 = 4.5 hours
9 x 45 = 405 : 60 = 6.75 hours

Making this a bit longer than a Call of Duty single player, but Battleborn takes place 3 hours before the end of the universe so you will never make it in time :wink:

Although this might seem short Battleborn does focus heavily on replayability with challenges, gear, leveling & different characters. So if you are an completionist you will be needing a lot of hours before you reached the max level on all characters.

Afterthought long Blog Post


Same problem of borderlands TPS, short campaign and too many characters.

I hope the season pass bring more missions than characters.


The CTT said you need 70gb of free hard drive space. I don’t think small is going to be an issue.

“About the same length as other first person shooters you’ve seen.”
Battleborn: Questions for the Community #1

Check the CTT thread again. Randy replied there.
To save you the search: He said that his Steam folder was 18 GB, and the download would be zipped down to about 8GB (4GB for consoles).

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I just watched the video where he said that.

Battleborn ships with 9 episodic missions on the disc. Each of these missions is kind of like a raid (since you’re an MMO guy). Your party goes from start to finish clearing mobs, completing objectives, and defeating bosses. GBX has describes each mission as “an episode of your favorite TV series,” meaning each mission on its own has a beginning, middle, and end, but also contributes to the overall narrative. Think of it like X-Files: Scully and Mulder have a new case every episode, but throughout the series they get closer and closer to “the truth.”

Battleborn has 25 characters to play as, and they’re encouraging players to replay the missions with each. Some people won’t use every character on every mission, but if you did you’d be looking at about 120-170 hours in PvE alone.

GBX is also toying with the idea of increased difficulty modes (heroic raids) with huge payouts. I’m looking forward to tackling these intense challenges with my friends.

TL;DR - 9 raid-like missions, 25 playable characters, and higher difficulty settings should keep PvE-only players happy for upwards of 300 hours.


I totally agree with you, so many games are left without content, it’s only shooting, no story to follow, no “real” goal except smashing your opponent(s).

I need a reason to erase pixels on my monitor(s), and have fun doing it, otherwise I would have bought a button smasher.

Nevertheless, I have to play it before making any hasty comments :wink:


Same. I hope the Campaign is good enough to stand on it’s own for players who don’t give half a Skag crap about competitive multiplayer like myself.

Even if the campaign is a short one hopefully it will be a challenging one. Far to many games have moved from substance to create something pretty but with no real satisfying gameplay.

I think that a lot of the challenge will come from not only what difficulty you choose, but who you play as… The challenge level for using different characters (using a single player setting for this example), like choosing to play as between Oscar mike or Miko, in itself would ratchet up the difficulty just because one is geared towards damage dealing and the other towards support.

Normal Difficulty
Hard Difficulty
Normal Difficulty = Hardcore Mode
Hard Difficulty = Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode = No respawns

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Good to know there are others here who are keen to see the campaign get the love it deserves.

While I’m all for it being primarily a PvP-based game, I do think that Gearbox would be missing out on a lot of potential by glossing over the campaign. That’s not to say I’m expecting hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of solo play or even the most in-depth campaign, but it would be nice to get something along the lines of L4D.

The poster who suggests about 45 minutes per “mission” seems to get the right idea. With 9 missions, multiple difficulties, and 25 classes (even if some are bad) that’s a lot of potential time. I’m not expecting anything the length of BL or even Halo, but if a ‘Normal’ mission is 45m and a ‘harder’ one is 1hr or so, then even 1 character could squeeze 10-20 hours of play time out.

[quote=“Koozebane, post:9, topic:599105, full:true”]
"About the same length as other first person shooters you’ve seen."Battleborn: Questions for the Community #1
[/quote]This doesn’t fill me with confidence and is entirely too vague. BL2, Half-life 2 etc both had pretty long campaigns. Other recent FPS have had insanely short campaigns that are barely more than a tutorial…

Either way, I’ll keep an eye out as things get closer to release. Obviously we won’t get many details for a while, but I’m still hopeful. I’m even more hopeful this will push out a certain “B” company and their Overwatch (Overhyped more like) TF2 clone.


For the entire campaign or in individual missions, because dying and going back the start of the game has never appealed to me, because if you fail you cant really say “oh well, I’ll try again and replay hours and hours of cotent”, but indivual missions with perma-death would be a reasonable price for failure, since you would have to master 20-30 minutes of content, no half a days worth.


respawns are a per mission thingy.
but you will probably first play the game on Normal difficulty then Hard difficulty and after that you will test your might with Hardcore Mode enabled if you enjoy that kind of thing. So you already unlocked all the missions by then. It’s something you toggle on or off, it’s not a 3rd playthrough from my understanding.

So not the premined dead thing that was hidden in BL2.

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