Campaign - Log Error Race

I have a problem with my mission. The Construction list has disappeared with Patch (13/08) and I try to make.level with the current:
Replace > raceID = X, by > raceName = “goauld”, (The race of player).

And log returns this error:

 Level Load - Player [0] - Unknown Race [goauld] 
 Level Load - Player [1] - Unknown Race [goauld] 

This race working on the Deathmatch… so no problem with this race or another.

The structure of my files is the same as the new structure… I have search on the actual file of the campaign, the only change made is on the.level, and I have changed this…

So what I have missed?

Make sure that the race is included in the “single player game rule”

Oh yeah … I missed that … thanks.

It’s working … now i need to work to restrict build and research option … for this mission …

Check my advice in 'You broke my mod’s thread… Campaigns (even single add-on missions) can have their own GR - meaning you can override and control pretty much anything now.

Yes I know,

I forgot to add tags in the goauld.lua …

I need to know what function can generate the persistX.lua file. And also the function that load the file for the next mission :confused:

Neither of those questions is really in an area I know… somebody here (the forums) can help, but I’ll ask around.

Oh… And for ‘Player_GetRace(playerID)’ it’s the raceID value return … but now, it’s not the raceID we need, this function need to return the raceName … Can you make new function to make this ? Called : Player_GetRaceName(playerID)

No? Once you have a raceID, use the Race_ functions:

int Race_GetCount() - returns # of races
string Race_GetPrefix(raceId) - returns prefix string
string Race_GetName(raceId) - returns name string
bool Race_DoesHaveTag(raceId, “tag”) - returns true if race has specified tag
string Race_GetString(raceId, “stringname”, “default”) - returns string property (or default)
number Race_GetNumber(raceId, “numbername”, default) - returns number property (or default)

As a shortcut, some calls exist to auto-pull the raceId given a playerId instead:


Just like the Race_ ones, except with a playerId instead of raceId.

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I don’t know this function, but i use PlayerRave_DoesHaveTag … It’s fine for me.

Personally, i use this website, to have the list of function :

But it’s old, and we need other platform with all function available with HWRM … :slight_smile: