Campaign missions still too hard

Is the hotfix live? The defense objectives still seem to melt away. Battleborn really needs to make normal mode with 5 randoms easier, WAY easier. Look at Destiny’s strikes, those could be beat with randoms. The too difficult story missions are going to ruin this game. I’m really not sure how GBX shipped them in this state, did they test them at all? I mean, I’m sorry to sound rude but this is just ridiculous. These need to be fixed as of yesterday.

L2P? I didn’t have any trouble. Half the fun is finding good PUGs that work well together. Meet people and have fun enjoying the challenge.

I didnt run into an issue with Defense objectives melting under enemies fire until i tried Advanced mode.
It’s impossible to solo while in advanced and properly defend a point

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I typically only have issues with randoms when they either stand around looking at the scenery or go off into random areas and ignore the mission. Doesn’t usually happen and when it does it’s only one person so it isn’t too bad.

I feel the complete opposite, it’s way too easy on normal/advanced

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the only time objectives really melt is when people let the little melee guy’s (particularly scavens and the big thralls) get to them. best thing to do. play someone who has defensive fortifications and let your team run out to kill ■■■■ and focus on close proximity protection (unless your team is doing that. in which case go kill the ranged)

oh and slight edit. i’ve completed all missions in pugs on normal and everything solo advanced. best fortifiers for pugs are kleese and marquis. another good one for defense/close protection is ghalt. but Kleese is the best for defensive missions overall imo

Which specific mission are you having issues with so we can provide specific tips?

I Managed to get gold medals on all story missions on Normal, Soloed only the Heliophage for it’s gold since I also needed Attikus’ Lore progression.

I have to say that while I think Normal and Advanced aren’t that challenging when it comes to killing enemies and such (I can usually quite effortlessly complete them without having died once. Though I have not played any Advanced with teams!) the protect missions still suck. I can have 14 lives left, and I still instantly fail the mission if the thing I’m protecting goes down.

I haven’t tried any of the story missions after the hotfix though, but I think the main thing these missions need are actual checkpoints, not tons and tons and then tons more health.
For someone like me who is used to grinding a lot and basically just wasting my time, the missions might be manageable. A lot of people aren’t like me though, and Battleborn campaign does nothing to take these people into consideration. The game is only catering to Core players, and leaving more casual people in the dust. Some of them have reached out to Gearbox to voice their concerns, but I am unfortunately quite sure that most have just stopped playing the game all together.

The Saboteur is the only difficult mission, others are easy, you can only lose them accidentally. If you’re unsure - equip shard-generating necklace and build all defences.

I think all episode is not difficult now. solo ISIC can destroy all mission(normal, normal hardcore, advanced. I’m not trying to play advanced hardcore now)

I think people just need to learn to play as a team instead of the game being made easier. Want to roll with PUG’s? Expect to fail very now and then when you play RNG on whether you get a competent team that communicates or not. Want to faceroll content? Play private with people you know or whom you’ve organised a game with on the forums.

I am convinced the problem isn’t the health of the objects but that the game is fantastically bad at telling the player WHERE the attacks are coming from (which might be exacerbated by all the visual clutter in the screen). Things suddenly die because some enemies nobody was paying attention to was getting taking potshots (that deal lots of damage) to the objectives.

Only way to avoid that is with foreknowledge and by having a ranged player shoot EVERYTHING at least once so they’ll stop paying attention to the objective.

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Thumpers and Inferno traps will help you alot.

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I’m glad Gearbox doesn’t share your opinion.

That’s what difficulty levels are for: advanced for pre-mades and good cooperation, normal for pick-up groups where you can’t ensure everyone’s a good player or team-mate.

I’ve soloed all the missions, and randomed up many times. I rarely have random groups who speak, but for the kost part, we destroy the missions with ease. I would say the missions need to be a little harder. :wink:

Sometimes we lose, more often we win. I have really, really enjoyed the public story mode. I’m not huge on PvP, and I don’t have a core group of known people with Battleborn to team up. Going random in PvP has been all over the place and most often its a mess for me.

i think part of the issue is insta-fail. new players could learn a lot faster if they got to try the defend part multiple times to figure out what they need to do. it should go back to check point and let them try the waves again. at least on normal they should allow this mechanic.

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IMO the missions are hardest with a full group. Something isn’t working right with the way the game scales the difficulty.

2-3 people is easiest.

I don’t know how the scaling works, but it’s as if they have worked it all out for solo and then just multiplied everything by 5. if that’s how it works then I think they should apply a modifier to make up for lack of co-ordination, this reduction in co-ordination increases exponentially. It’s a lot easier for 2 people to keep together and work as a team than it is for 5 people, especially if they have no communication.

So for each additional player in the party you increase the difficulty by a reduced percentage. So when adding a second player you increase the difficulty by 90%, 80% for the third, 70% for the 4th etc.

[quote=“Maagnoguido, post:15, topic:1445366, full:true”]
I would say the missions need to be a little bit harder[/quote]

We should get advanced matchmaking soon right? Be nice to be able to choose a difficulty

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i know with heliophage ive had better luck with less people. with 5 everyone keeps getting knocked off the islands and we blow through the extra lives very quickly.

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Are you talking about Advanced? Because in my experience on Normal only The Saboteur get’s harder for 4-5 people, every other mission (excluding Heliophage) going 4-5 people is easier or as easy as 2-3 people.