Campaign mode : The under appreciated diamond in the rough

I bought Battleborn with the intentions of playing solely multiplayer with a quick run through campaign to get unlocks , etc. Playing solo, it was pretty much one n done then back to mp. But today something happend… Mistakenly jumped into a public match and was grouped up with 2 other Raths (3 total) and 2 Odiena (spelling).

Something clicked after the first wave of enemies and the synergy between the group didn’t even need mics. Everyone knew their role and we were even setting up crossblade/knock up (forget the name) combos for each other. Other co op games are pretty much 4 ppl playing lone wolf with a little concentrated fire on major enemies. But there is just something that Battleborn is doing by design that’s causing ppl “who get it” to play as a group.

Wasn’t planning on buying the season pass as the mp maps are supposed to be free but I’m taking the plunge now because Co op is just as fun with a good group.


Good to hear, myself had quite a couple good experiences in public as well but I would highly recommend to try to get 2-4 friends/people together and give advanced a try it’s quite a bigger challenge and with a team that works well its really a blast.

Slowly working my way to it. Convinced a few friends to buy it even though they aren’t big moba fans. They love co op games though , like anything with a raid mode or Horde so it should be right up their alley lol.

It has a rather arcade shooter-ish feel, which I think is somewhat underappreciated at current.

We do advanced pretty often, we’re a good group of 3-5 players, always welcoming more players and we plan to ruin the badass mode once it’s out.
Name is Justice on steam (picture is a blood stain on snow)
Add me and feel free to join whenever

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you don’t need old friends to enjoy :slight_smile: mine won’t buy battleborn no matter what (blizz whiteknights), so I just found new friends ingame here. I always approach the cool and nice players from matches, asking them if I could add. playing with like-minded guys is what accelerates the fun out even more, and you don’t have to brag / lie / over-glorify a game that some guy is not into, all the new BB friends I made already played it :slight_smile:


In complete honesty, the campaign mode is what made me pick Battleborn over the handful of other games that are coming out right now.

I played the closed and open betas, and thoroughly enjoyed story mode in both. So many of the other big title games coming out are only pvp based (cough Overwatch cough)–but I’m not a pvp player. I’m perfectly capable of it, but it brings out some weird angry part of me that I don’t like. Battleborn, on the other hand, offers a PVE campaign mode! Splitscreen, even!
And to think that the story mode is capable of interacting with 25 different chatacter combinations with dialogue and level adjustments for different party sizes.

So that way everyone can enjoy the game, whether you’re a PVP or a PVE person there is something for you.

Did I mention it’s splitscreen though? How often do first person games come out splitscreen anymore? Maybe… Borderlands? Oh wait that was also gearbox?

Color me impressed. :blush:


this is the main reason i bought it instead of overwatch. the campaign can be fun with a group (though some missions are a total slog solo without the right character). The heroes are very well done and im finding a lot of great banter. Orendi has some hilarious lines for example, i keep hearing her say something crazy during the match (die in a fire!) for example and some other ranting. she is definitely nuts.

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