Campaign Mods No Longer Function?

So it would appear that in the latest update that the file structure for the campaign’s (both homeworld 2 and homeworld) were changed in a significant way. This has had the unfortunate side effect of blowing up a number of mods that adjusted the single player experience, such as [9CCN]FX:Legendary Fleet 1.0. I had a brief discussion with the author on the steam forums, but it appears that the process to fix this would be rather engrossing. I was curious if anyone had any ideas on what could be adjusted to make it more compatible.

From what users have reported, the mothership in mission 1 goes from launching itself and its support fleet to being reassigned the state ‘target drone’ and vanishing off the map. The support fleet that is supposed to hyperspace in instead causes a ctd.

Is modding the campaign no longer a possibility? Or has the file structure been altered so substantially that all of the pre-existing methods no longer work?

Assistance would be appreciated.

You realize the ‘latest update’ was months ago, right? And all of these changes/new systems were discussed at that time here, quite a bit.


Campaign modding is very much still possible. With HWRM, we also have the “extra missions” option so we don’t have to mess with the originals. The Taiidan Republic mod teaser release uses an “extra mission” and it works fine. It’s also still possible to replace the stock campaign - I think the stargate guys are doing that.

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Also, since then, most mods that are going to stick around for any length of time have been updated. I bet if you look for mods similar to the ones that no longer work you will find working(and probably better) versions.

I see, well, guess I will hope for the eventual Fx merger update, thanks for the info!