Campaign needs more

Now here me out.

I love this game and the campaign, its just after playing the Prologue i was just expecting more in the rest of the missions. The prologue is made so well and the cut-scenes are needed! just the short ones like how Deande was introduced! Why didnt this happen when you free Caldarius?? or any of the other characters you meet along the way?

I get in some cases they cant make all 25 character interact with the narrative all the time as some are not meant to be in the story at certain points etc and it would be alot more work, but because the prologue was there i guess it just raised my hopes for it to happen in other story missions.


Maybe they’ll make the campaigns more cinematic in later updates? May be a possibility.


i’d like that alot, as i said im still enjoying it. but ive found that ive swapped to solo instead of groups just so i dont miss anything because someone on the team is running off XD

if they added some short cinematic even maybe some more dialogue i would be very grateful :slight_smile: or if they just keep this in mind for there DLC missions :slight_smile:

Due to how the game is, nothing is set in stone. They could turn the whole campaign into a pony invasion if they wanted, they’d just need to make the graphics and coding to make the ponies.


Campaign is great in mission 1 and 2 and then it sucks. Defend, defend, defend, no cutscenes, only 8 Episodes, no open-world, no real progression of the characters (Helix is a nice idea but after a while its so boring to upgrade every mission again). Look at your own franchise Borderlands, that is a fun game and it last for years!

Please Gearbox give us more campaign, more fun to play missions and not again defend-■■■■■■■■.

I agree that it could use more, the intro mission just seemed so epic compared to the rest, with an exception to the algorithm. It seems almost as though most of the missions are just filler content. Don’t get me wrong, I am in love with the campaign anyways, but I would like it a whole lot more if there was more content and more interesting twists. This may come as a surprise to some people, but the biggest reason I wanted battleborn was because of the story missions introduced in the beta. They seemed so cool and complete at the time, I was hoping for more like that. Especially the comedy, like Isic’s personality and the Geoff boss fight.

P.S. I love this game, so I am not trying to hate