Campaign Netcode Question (Devs / Mods please.)

So the CBT and the Open Beta left an extremely bad taste in my mouth mainly because I was hoping for a Really good singleplayer experience. I’m okay with the always-online factor. I always have internet. But it’s not the best and it’s delayed greatly.
Is the CBT and Open Beta as far as netcode the EXACT same as the campaign will be on full release?
This is the only deciding factor between purchasing the game or just buying something else.
If I can play without seeing everything be server sided (abilities / gunplay) then I’d be really happy.
I was going to contact Gearbox Support with this but the support button for the Battleborn website doesn’t even work lol.

I wanted to pre-order it but I can’t if I’ll just refund it because of the netcode being the same as it was in the Open Beta.
There was ways to get around being similar to Borderlands if cheating is the case. Look at Killing Floor 2 offline mode. Everything is synced to a server.

Should anyone with a poor internet (but still always on) completely stay away from this title? I mainly wanted to play the campaign.