Campaign Plot Twist Speculation

Here is a question I have for the community and the devs at GBS:

Similar to Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel, will there be plot-twists that hurt the characters in any way during story missions (eg SPOILERS: When Roland died and Lilith was captured)?

I don’t think that the question will be answered being the “You’ll have to find out for yourself”

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That’s what I was expecting.

The Plot Twist is that the stars were actually already dying and the Varelsi are attempting to preserve them.

I swear if I’m right, it’s gunna turn into the twist from Star Wars 7 all over again.

That could be the case, but Rendain is pretty keen on the fact that the BattleBorn stand in the way of killing the last star…could be possible that he’s bending the Varelsi to his will

Doesn’t the lore state that he made a deal with the Varelsi, thus implying he works for them?

Rendain is Empress Lenore’s holotwin, her death is a setup as she can’t stand it that the substainment left a wrinkle, she won’t live with that for the rest of her life.


Oh mah gawd!

It makes sense!