Campaign racial choice?

in Homeworld 1 you could choose between the Kushan and the Taiidan so i was really hoping that the remaster would allow us to maybe play the sequel as the Vaygr instead of the Hiigarans (i always preferred the Taiidan and Vaygr design)

but as far as i have seen from the dozen of video uploaded by many game reviewer i never seen the ability to even choose the Taiidan as a faction for the campaign so i am thinking Vaygr in Homeworld 2 are probably out of the way

but anyway my main concern is that if this feature was removed on the remastered version of the first game then i will be sadly disappointed, i know you can’t please anyone but this is a rather big feature to my eyes and i wanted to know if there was any confirmation around?

thank you for your support!


Im sure that in homeworld 1 we will have the the racial change as taiidan and kushan really only have minumial differences only on aesthetics are they different…
as for vaygr and hiigaran that isn’t going to happened as comparing them would be like asking to play Terran in a zerg campaign they work too differently but we will see for sure soon enough

As far as I heard you will no longer be able to choose your faction in the remastered edition but then again I also heard that kamikazi will be gone and look what’s back kamikazi… So I guess we will have to wait and see in few days…

to me, taiidan have always been black. that’s what i pictured them as. and kushan have always been white, and vagyr are slavic or russian. i feel turanic raiders are middle eastern


Where was i in history class? XD

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