Campaign Score/ Character Experience

So I’m not really sure how your personal score works. I thought kills played a big part, but I came 1st is kills before and a horrible score. I’ve came in 3rd in kills and had the highest score.

So how do i go about trying to get the best score I can to contribute to the team?

Also for character experience, what actually adds to that? Is that just kill based? Or is it reflective of your score?

I wonder this as well. There are also some metrics at the bottom of endgame summary screen. Like damage taken, healing provided. I was thinking they might play a role in final score. Hard to tell though.

The few times my team and I took FOREVER to finish missions are the only ones that we’ve gotten gold on…so idk.

This is unexplained and annoying (because they haven’t told us crap about what does and doesn’t count).

I mean, I did The Algorithm with just one friend on Advanced last night, and we got THIS score:

Look at that smexy “Bonus” modifier - it’s almost 10k higher than our ACTUAL score was FFS!!!

We didn’t even have THAT many lives remaining (one of the only thing I know for sure counts) - just 9!!!

And that’s what bugs me. Not knowing.

I’ve looked at all my past games, but can’t really put together what determins score and experience.

I’m almost thinking about putting all the stats into a spreadsheet and see if I can extract some type of pattern…
But that seems excessive.

There’s just too many unknown variables to make any real assumptions unfortunately…

For example, does unspent shards at the end of a mission count towards your score? What about thing you build, do they count? Or how about the number of misc. pickups you get (i.e. speed, overshields)?

I mean, who the hell knows… >_<