Campaign should have been borderlands style shoot and loot

a full battleborn borderlands story and level up and shoot and loot experience with moba style pvp. they should have kept them(pve and pvp) seperate or only tie in certain points between the two. but these characters would be so fun to level up and gear up borderlands style. from healers to melee to flying rocket hawks. i would really enjoy a boderlands style campaign diablo style shoot and loot game with some of these characters mechanics. could have been something so much bigger then just a moba. feel free to expand on this idea. im just not sure how i would tie in the pvp or pve together or would it all be seperate? kind of defeats the purpose of playing one or the other? but rath as a borderlands all melee character just seems awesome. maybe have seperate gear and skill trees for pvp and pve but keep the look of gear you have found into pvp matches to keep the balance?


Right. Do you have any idea how much longer it takes to generate PvE content versus PvP content? And especially when you have 25 different characters and ton of story to weave between them.

This game is focused on PvP and it’s been that way from the start, PvE is just there to add enough story for players to get a sense of the world they’re fighting in.

What you’re asking for is an entirely different game that’s full of thousands of scripted events for over 2 dozen characters across at least 5 different planets.


Also, you have to realize that they made this game to be different than borderlands. All they had been making was borderlands, so they needed a refresher so that they could try something new


I like that its not just like borderlands because if they were going to do that then they just should of made bl3 instead.


They’re going to make BL3. This is basically borderlands PvP. I think a lot of people wanted more multiplayer aspects in the borderlands and with MOBAs being so popular this is the next logical step for them to take.

What you’re asking is called Borderlands 3…
Wait a few months/years…:wink:

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A lot of equipment drops are tied to campaign only. I just
Think if that’s the case then it should have been more fleshed out. I understand it’s ludicrous and a ridiculous amount of work to create. But why bother have campaign just to play pvp. Prefer it pvp only and gear all tied to pvp then.

But I would love to see these mechanics involved with borderlands 3 characters.

I like the arcade feel of the campaign, I have not felt pressured to complete all the levels, I keep replaying them over and over and they don’t get stale. Trying to get higher scores , better loot. I like that I can jump around between story and PVP modes. Only change I would make to campaign mode is to remove activation costs for gear. It is needed in PVP, but PVE should be activation free.

whats your point. this is obviously hypothetical. a gamer’s dream game if you will. of course its a lot of work. do you think that it would not be successful?

If they just give me 2 or 3 more misssions like mission 1 or even mission 2. Ill be really happy.

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If they could put 25 characters in borderlands they would have, there is a reason there is only 5 and that’s resources management, they style of game they when with (which moba is an awful term because that could describe anything from call of duty to world of warcraft pvp) allows them to make charactera without to much effort, it’s allot easier to balance 10 perks and one set fight style then the full borderlands experience

I also would like to point out that you seem to be implying that pvp changed the game into what it is and I don’t feel that’s the case, in my eyes they took ideas that worked form mobas and they brought it to a co-op story experience

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the mechanics. not all 25 characters. just the roles. full melee chars, tanks, healers. why not?

It’s not an obvious hypothetical when your title says it “should have been”. You are falling into a common forum negative approach that people are not going to respond well too. Instead try something like “I would love to see all these characters in Borderlands 3”. Same point, better tone, less confusion.

Also borderlands is a game where its built to spend a lot of hours, 100’s if not 1000’s building your character. A lot of people like to max all of them. 4-6 is reasonable, 25 would not be so much.

Battleborn is more about hoping between characters and not doing the long campaign, in some ways its opposite of borderlands.

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my hypotheses is that it should have been a borderlands style shoot and loot campaign? its completely hypothetical. i proposed what i wanted then explained why i assumed it should be that way while keeping it open for discussion.

So basically you’re suggesting: “Campaign should’ve been Borderlands 3. Where is Borderlands 3? I WANT BORDERLANDS 3!”?

In that case: Yes, I agree with you. But it’s not Borderlands 3. It’s a new IP…
I don’t think you get how hypotheses work…

But yes. More Raid-Mission and less Defense/Escort-Missions is something we would ALL like. Gearbox. Make it happen. And make stuff like Saboteur stop. Please. Stahp.

No I just think this story and it’s characters could have definitely supported a stronger more engaged story mode like the borderlands series. And I believe it would have made the game better. I love the pvp but I just feel with a proper campaign it could have been that game that hits every area for me personally as a gamer. Unfortunately now after 40 hours I will just play it like hots drop in for a couple games and be done for a while. But I feel the characters and story could have made an amazing borderlands style campaign while being different. Focusing less on gun play and more on character mechanics and the great story. I want to explore this universe with the characters more then just pvp and these escort/defend missions. And I definitely hope they do something along those line with this ip as I find it almost more interesting then per say borderlands 3

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I would be happy with them making the Borderlands characters playable in Battleborn. Use some of their skill tree unlocks in the helix and their power attacks. The character models would be fairly easy to convert.

Loads of fun and they have 16 new characters to choose from.

I really like the way the story mode was done.

And group loot makes this a lot more fun with strangers, compared to the snatch and grab online experience I got with Borderlands.

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