Campaign tier list?

Hello, New to battleborn, 3 days to be exact! I see lots of tier lists for pvp but none for pve(I get that pvp is the main of this game, and i intend to get to it once i learn a bit more) ive only played 5 characters so far…
Alani-Thorn-Galilea-Orendi-Oscar Mike Love the first 3 have at least 8 games on each, the other 2 i have not learned, Only had a game or 2. I would love to give a rating to them but having not played many characters i dont have much of a comparison, Any veterans out there fancy brainstorming a quick tier list?
Could open up a good discussion

I couldn’t conjur up a full tier list, but I’d put Thorn at the top of the short one I could generate. She can crit for days, has AoE/CC and can debuff, plus passive health regen and super speed come in handy in any situation! But there are many variables, such an common enemies per mission and mission types, raid vs escort vs defense.

@wisecarver this is your territory, I’d like to see your full PvE tier list as well.

I think a lot of it depends upon how you play the character and how good you are with a given character.

Thorn is an absolutely and utterly amazing character when played properly (setting up enfilade for her piercing arrows, getting crits with fully charged arrows) but remarkably mediocre when played incorrectly (e.g. I’ve seen a number of Thorn players who are apparently only capable of doing damage with Blight).

Alani is similar: if you play her aggressively and can manage to string together crits, she’s a devastating force.

Honestly, the only characters that I would say are “bad” for PvE would be the stealth-heavy characters (i.e. Pendles and Deande), because stealth isn’t really a useful element in a game mode where you’re supposed to be fighting swaths of comparatively weak enemies. They can still get things accomplished, but they’re generally not going to be stellar performers.

For each of the characters I’ve mastered (all of the Eldrid, all of the Jennerit except for Deande, and Galilea; I’ve played a few other characters, including Pendles, a bit as well), I have been able to top damage meters and/or heal meters. While this isn’t every character, it’s a pretty diverse crowd that shows that you can perform extremely well on a large number of different characters.

Of course, one of the other considerations is the mission (type) in question. I don’t tend to see Kleese to as well on Archive (which is an escort mission, so he can’t set up a nice grouping of Energy Rifts to ruin the enemies’ day) as I see him do on Saboteur (which is a defense mission that allows him to do exactly that). As such, Kleese is probably “top tier” for Saboteur but nowhere near as good for Archive. Squishier and/or late-blooming characters tend to be great for missions with an easy early game (Saboteur, Archive, Renegade) but a significant risk in missions with a hard early game (Sentinel, Experiment, Algorithm).

TL:DR Pretty much every character is excellent in PvE when played properly, with the possible exception of the stealth-heavy characters because stealth isn’t that useful in PvE. The value of a given character does varies heavily based upon the mission due to all kinds of factors concerning their kits and when they become effective.

…Willing to show everything but my brains can’t make sense of this, what? :smile:

[quote=“wisecarver, post:4, topic:1543094, full:true”]…Willing to show everything but my brains can’t make sense of this, what? :smile:

A tier list is a categorical ranking of how each character performs. In this case, the OP is asking for a categorical list containing all characters grouped into relative levels of effectiveness in PvE content.

An example would include… (characters largely picked at random)
S tier: Galilea, Alani
A tier: Attikus, Boldur
B tier: Kelvin, Ghalt
C tier: Pendles, Deande

S tier characters would be, basically, auto-win characters. A tier characters would be excellent choices. B tier characters are mediocre choices. C tier characters are noticeably sub-par.

Somehow the at tier list makes a lot of sense. Like, spot on. Except maybe Attikus.

Well done, thanks.

My PvE experiences, don’t try this at home :smile:

S tier: Pendles, Oscar Mike
A tier: Deande, Phoebe, Ambra, Thorn, Shane
B tier: Ghalt, Dragon, Marquis, Toby
C tier: Whiskey, Reyna

Rated Pendles high, obvious
Rated Mike high, with the Space Laser he can kill anything in Advanced PvE
Rated Toby slightly lower while having great powers because I am really having a hard time staying alive.
Rated Whiskey and Reyna lowest even though the right player can rule with them, well, because.

Why is Kleese not in your tier list? He is ungodly in any defense mission and can easily boast the highest amount of damage done.

Nice, appreciate the effort thus far! I love the character diversity in this game, really hoping they step it up for dlc missions.

…Mostly because I don’t enjoy playing him. That’s just me, I clearly understand other players like playing him.
But also because I find most players using him in PvE are on a contest to see who does the most damage.
You very often have then plugging areas or for example on Sabo doing things that are not team like.
Maybe I expect too much but so many of the other characters are great at-> Team

Those types of players would simply choose the next best thing (like Thorn for example) if he were ever nerfed. A team full of Kleeses can sweep away minion waves like dust in the wind. I find that any time you have a high tier character on a team they will try to go for most damage.

I actually haven’t seen too many people play as Kleese myself, PvP or PvE. I suppose his play style is very different from most battleborn though. I personally enjoy playing as territorial type characters except for Galilea.

[quote=“wisecarver, post:7, topic:1543094, full:true”]Rated Pendles high, obvious

Pendles: awesome in PvE for people who don’t want to actually fight.

Yes, but in the ungodly mess of beefy swarms that Advanced PvE can be, especially Heliophage, sometimes sacrificing kill counts is necessary for the good of the group. Pendles unmatched stealth-reviving ability has proven itself STUPIDLY useful in that mission for my last few runs, and he does a really great job Injection-and-Kama-ing Thrall Brutes from behind while a beefier character occupies their face. Gets them off the map that much quicker, reducing the likelihood of a 3 or 4 simultaneous grenade salvo that can KO 2 or 3 Battleborn at once.

…Correct, I play Pendles for the team, but one of the peeps above had a fit once so I stopped playing Pendles when that person is on the team. :smile:

[quote=“CharacterIV, post:13, topic:1543094, full:true”]Yes, but in the ungodly mess of beefy swarms that Advanced PvE can be, especially Heliophage, sometimes sacrificing kill counts is necessary for the good of the group.

The issue that I have is that I have yet to run with a “stealth revive” or “assassin” Pendles that actually ends up contributing more than someone who just straight up kills things, especially since stealth heavy characters aren’t preventing damage by stealthing because they’re just forcing the attention of all of those enemies on to other people.

Ranged characters with players who can properly select targets (e.g. attack the snipers in the back rather than the horde of enemies that the melee characters are taking on) are just as good at “assassinating” big enemies as Pendles is (and generally take less damage because they’re not getting exposed in the middle of a horde of enemies in order to accomplish that goal).

Pretty much the only “valuable” element of Pendles’ super-stealth is his ability to stealth revive quite well, though, in my experience, said capacity for stealth revives is more than offset by the greatly reduced damage/kills that said “medic Pendles” will manage and the increased damage that everyone else is going to be taking when the enemies inevitably look at them when Pendles disappears.

I’ll agree with Pendles’ designer that he’s “interesting” in PvE, if only because his playstyle is really weird and unique. “Weird and unique” does not translate into “effective”, however. Honestly, I’d really rather just have pretty much any other melee than a Pendles in a PvE run because, unless said Pendles uses his stealth conservatively rather than trying to be as stealthy as possible as much as possible, they’re not going to be helping out as much as pretty much any other character.

[quote=“wisecarver, post:14, topic:1543094, full:true”]…Correct, I play Pendles for the team, but one of the peeps above had a fit once so I stopped playing Pendles when that person is on the team. :smile:

Pretty sure said person was complaining that you weren’t actually helping as much as (unsuccessfully) attempting to make up for your lack of help by sitting around and reviving instead of killing the things that were actually killing people.

Rather than going by overall tiers, I’ll go mission-by-mission with some of my thoughts: (note, most of these are for advanced. Normal story, just play well and you’ll get it done with anybody. Advanced is where picking roles and characters to fill them comes more to the forefront.)

The Algorithm: melees do poorly here. There’s snipers and long firing lanes, and ISIC is a PAIN for melees. I just played Ghalt for the first time on this mission and found him VERY useful. Scraptraps work well on Ronin. Really, the name of this mission is: “deal with the (expletive deleted) Ronin!”

Marquis does pretty darn well here. His slow bubble is great for Ronin, and Bindlebane makes short work of ISIC. Whiskey Foxtrot also does well.

Void’s Edge: I like Benedict and Caldarius because their flight/hi-jump potential can put another person up in the Thrall passage leading to the final area. I bet Mellka could pull it off with her enhanced Spike altitude helix, but I’ve not tried.

Swarms of Varelsi Skulks in this one, so anyone who’s good at popping their zombie heads with one shot will do well. Ghalt is nice, because ONE of those pellets from his shotty spread will always find the dome. I’ve found Pendles’ shuriken do very well too, especially if you upgrade to triple-toss.

Renegade: this is Kleese’s mission, all day and all night. Set up the Rift Network where the Thralls pop and watch your score soar. Anyone with good AoE can do the same; OM, Thorn, Phoebe with her ultimate. Monty’s minigun also rocks here, especially with penetrating hailstorm slow bullets.

Archive: I prefer mobile characters. Mellka, Thorn, Orendi, Benedict. You need to be poised to run and jump to multiple different levels and locations quickly.

Sentinel: range is key to surviving the initial Thrall fiesta. Ambra is really good against the golems, as she doesn’t need to target the chestpiece. Kleese as well. Lumberers like Monty lead to actual anxiety in the trap corridors, best to avoid.

Experiment: because the majority of the threat in this defend mission is ranged, unlike Renegade and Saboteur, ranged tanky defender guys like Monty and ISIC tend to do pretty well. Toby not as much, because so many of the robots have shields to cut through before he can bring his mighty railgun crits to bear. The fight against Artem is hella-annoying, but Phoebe has proven really efficient in it for me. Galilea is also boss in this mission, running and hacking through swarms while shield-stunning the fatties.

Saboteur: another one Kleese excels in, and I’ve used Toby a lot in this one. As a Thrall primary mission, there’s fewer shields, so guys with good critical abilities (Marquis, Whiskey, Thorn) tend to shine.

Heliophage: timer + ungodly swarms means you want guys who can put enemies to the floor quickly. Best to bring a healer. Some like to pocket-Miko and have him heal a Monty, but Reyna is actually my preferred support here because her pistol is very good at headshotting Varelsi swarms and Priority Target helps the whole team pour damage into those HP-sponge bosses. Her ultimate can also provide the few seconds of surcease needed from the area-barrages that bosses like the Conservator dole out.

It’s very good to have someone with Stealth. OM, S&A, Deande, or Pendles. Stealth-reviving is a HUGE asset in the final phase, when Nix and Rendain start bringing in all the Thrall Brutes that there ever were.

Overall, hard hitters tend to profit in PvE. Guys who lay out consistent damage rather than bursters. Guys with strong AoE. Guys who crit well. It’s much easier to get crits with Marquis, Thorn, and Toby against computer-controlled mooks than player-controlled Battleborn, so they do really well. Stealth devalues some guys, but I’m a big believer in Stealth-revive.

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In a Helio advanced run I did just the other night I had 43 revives with Snek, and got my kills, too. I think I was third in damage dealt thanks to Miasma-Injection spamming the bosses with Backstab and Sweet Spot, and I think I only had 30 or so less kills than the leader. We had a crazy level of balance for a PUG. The leader and second guy had only like 2 kills separating them, and the third guy was only 10 or so behind. I was fourth, IIRC, and the Reyna we had was only a little bit behind me.

Maybe it was just a great concurrence of a team, but everybody pulled their weight. IIRC, 3x CR 100, one guy was high-80’s and the other was 60-something.

(Note that this was also one of the heaviest Thrall Brute spawns I’ve EVER seen, against both Nix and Rendain. Those S.O.B.s were EVERYWHERE. I was sure we’d never pull it off, but we did quite well. Kinda wish I’d friend requested those guys after the run.)

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…That was 17 revives I did in the first 7 minutes, and at 55 years of age I do not enjoy aggressive performance driven games, if they aren’t fun I take my ball and go home. :walking:

I dont think you’re playing Pendles right. I can consistently get top damage on advanced pve, it’s all a matter of understanding what his role is. He’s also very useful for drawing aggro away from other teammates and even has some pretty good aoe damage. Positioning is key with him and if people are dying every 2 seconds then it doesn’t matter who you play as, your team just sucks.

Kleese, Pendles, Montana, Caldarius, Isic, Rath, and Miko are usually my first choices for pve advanced. The rest just kinda all fall into a second tier for me personally.