Campaign voting suggestion

I would like to make a suggestion to add to the voting in the campaign matchmaking. So from what I understand (and I could be wrong so tell me if I miss something) there doesn’t seem to be a way to do match making for Advanced Difficulty or Hardcore mode. So my idea is after we vote on the level we would like to play maybe another vote comes up asking what difficulty we would like, and after that a vote asking if we would like to turn Hardcore on.

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At least for the hardcore if not also the advanced, you would get a lot of dropouts after voting. I almost think 1 or both of those would need to he separate queues.

I get a lot of drop outs without, so I don’t know if I think it would make more. but I would be fine with different queues as long as I get a way to play advanced and hardcore

I know it is a suggestion they are open to, they just want to make sure it doesn’t split up the player base too much.

I also think they are trying to avoid “multi-vote” scenarios so that you are not spending like 10 minutes voting on what you want to do.

Yeah its just one or the other if we want to play Campaign in another difficulty. I am agreeing with you I will take whatever. I just don’t want only normal because that is kinda lame.

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separate queue for sure. I don’t see this feature never making its debut, but being so shortly after launch it may not have been considered yet.

Advanced got added. Hardcore probably will be soon. At least on psn, so far.