Campaign with error

A campaign quest is error and I can not proceed, I lost my save and most importantly my time then? A simple alternative, and that from what I could see already until this implemented, but only after the end of the game would be to abandon the mission at the point where I stopped, and make the catch so repeating and trying to avoid the error and the loss of my save.

It depends on the specific quest. Many times a save-quit-restart will get you past the problem. Where are you stuck?

Yes, that was not the first time, and restarting the game worked other times but not now. It happened this morning, and believe me when I say I exhausted the options already before resorting to the forum.

But which mission are you stuck on?

Borderlands 3 Chapter 19 Great Arch - Open the of Sanctuary… I think, my game is in my language.

I believe if I was given the option to restart the mission, it could help me.

“Open the door to the Cathedral”

IIRC that is the point at which there should be a bomb planted on a door which you need to set off? It should be along the wall somewhere - Ava should be near it.

If it isn’t that door, there’s one that has a switch beside it that should be glowing.

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I had already gone through this point, and stopped in front of a kind of fountain. But right after my last post, after restarting the game the situation normalized and I was able to complete the quest and the campaign.

But reinforcement that is inserted the option to restart the quest until this type of problem is solved definitively.