Can a data sheet be made on effective Range

I didn’t get to play all the characters but i love to see some one that has more experience rate the character’s effective range.

I feel there are way more close range characters to long range characters even the shooters to me most seem only effective at around max 30 ft distance excluding the sniper.

my thoughts are the few range characters i was able to play still had to get in the brawl of fighting pit which made them vulnerable to all the melee characters

let’s be honest we are not playing oscar mike majority of the time as a long range character he still gets into the fight pit

so if the community can help compile a data sheet that can show each character and their effective range of attack that be awesome.

I don’t have a sheet but there is really small - medium - long range, you might be able to split medium into 2.

Only thorn and Marquis are really long range

Oscar Mike, Benedict, WTF, Reyna, most the others with guns are medium

Melee characters are mostly close of course.

Some are hybrid with a special with a bit or range.

I like I said you could split the medium range into 2, Orendi like characters on the short side and OM and like on the longer side.

But most of this game takes place is pretty close quarters so even with the snipers if you are too far back you don’t have an angle anyways. The key is to snipe behind your team line to keep yourself safe.

The only gun character I noticed damage falloff on was Cals TMP, although I’m sure he’s not alone. Its range is pretty bad at the least though, and probably started falloff at no more than 25- 30m (hard to judge with no distance markers in game). OM with the proper scope I never noticed falloff on, Shaynes boomerangs always seem to hit the same, even Reynas pistol seemed consistent out past Cals range.

OM has very bad falloff (half damage) from actually pretty short range until you take the long-range scope.

Found this full character datasheet elsewhere (forget where lol), looks like falloff may be the same for the few that have it except Ghalt who normally just has spread unless you choose slug helix perhaps.