Can a developer PLEASE address the split screen issue?

I’ve seen numerous complaints about the split screen layout. I’ve yet to hear someone at Gearbox actually respond.

Why is the split screen layout have almost 1/3 of the screen as blank?
What, if anything, is the reason they can’t give us more screen space?

Is the resolution REALLY what is preventing you from doing full screen? I find that hard to believe…PS4 and Xbone are both very powerful systems.

I’d really love to hear a genuine response on this. It’s frustrating that with so little space, you can barely see your helix text.

This is from the devs:


While I appreciate the response, that’s not really an answer. Split screen in Borderlands was pretty much the full screen.

At the VERY LEAST, they could get rid of 10-15% of the black screen and JUST leave the map. The extra empty space does nothing. Nobody cares about having an entire space dedicated to boss’ health.


They’ve also mentioned this: which primarily discusses font sizes, but did mention how complicated split-screen can become.

I guess it’s not a simple thing to resolve.

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“Legibility issues”? yeah so the text when you run co-op and try to read what characters’ abilities do is totally clear? co check it out, and tell me if you can read that ■■■■. they did a perfect splitscreen for BL2, why cant they just do that on this game.

Gearbox, this is not serious.

You tried your best saving the game by making it free to play multiplayer, but you are far away from finished product when it comes to local co-op. How do you imagine to get more players with this split screen view?

Yesterday I had my couch buddy to play with me the new Battleborn trial, but once we started the match there was terrible surprise. Did you ever test that feature? If yes, how you went to market with such a disaster? Why are you wondering that there is no player base since you have such a major multiplayer issue?

It is not serious at all to target multiplayer community whaving feature like your split screen. Please keep in mind not everyone have 70+ inch TV so he can play your game. BTW even with 70+ inch display you need to stay very close to the screen so you can actually read what is written in the game, not to mention that then in is not very easy to play from such distance and the resolution is disappointing.

In the end I won’t invite anyone to pay Battleborn with me until you fix your split screen mode.
I had plans on buying your game of the year edition but having this poor feature in place just doesnt worth it.

Is paladins/overwatch/paragon co-op???