Can a forum make a bad Moze build work?

I’m worried that might be too effective combined with TCP and Skag den.
I need three points in SSB to reach EP.
Looks like this:

I think that’s properly horrific. Skag Den without base damage boosts ain’t tickling anyone.

Yeah, but being able to run faster while tickling seems properly inefficient.

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Running fast seems a recipe for success in this game, ask Zane and Amara. You should also take a point out of scrappy or eo as you’re currently speccing for lvl54.

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Fat thumbs. I think this could be the go. With permission to use auto bear. I wanna start with a rocketeer mod.

Otherwise, I’ll put that point in grizzled?

This is true. I don’t know why I had it with 1 in CoL.

I really wanted to do this. I wasn’t sure if it’d make iron bear too good.

Rushin is pretty pointless if we really examine it, it’s a total quality of life skill (or on console it prevents L3 from breaking in a month) but EP is pretty tantalizing. I’d support 1 point in it, and 4 in Scrappy.

Haha I’ll leave that vote up to others. I chose my skills for that intentionally to clash with every mod I could.

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If I was being truly serious I’d use a rocketeer and no points in auto bear, but I want gear to work, that just seems to be the worst of the coms. Plus I just really want to unleash the power of 8 or 9/10 TCP. Hahaha. I’ll decide after the other time zones have chipped in.

If you were trying to make the worst build work with gear, I’d say no auto bear.

If you just want to make rocketeer work, there’s much better builds. Also 10/5 TCP is still jank. I don’t think Rocketeer is going to be the mod that can make this work. Other coms with autobear would still be better. Rocketeer is just bad.

Also, in the spirit of the thread, I’d also say Auto Bear is easily one of the best investments you can make so it’s probably too valuable. Just my opinion.

Edit: also what is the ultimate question actually? Is it make a bad build good with gear, or make a bad build as bad as possible? Because then it’s no argument that a rough rider deathless build with no guns or com would be the worst…

I’m kinda interested what kind of janky gear this build would use.

Green Monster with Lob, Malak’s Bane, Asmd and Linc. WTF for a shield.


Wouldn’t Linc work too well with GM?

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We’re talking Linc and GM with guns, can anything truly work too well?

I may or may not have no clue what the linc even does.


It can’t come anointed so it caps pretty low.

Yeah no anointment, high mag/fast fire rate. Tracker grenades only.

Aka pointless half baked gun that’s been forgotten about?

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Didn’t you forget to put Dakka Bear at the top of that list? I made a post about that skill recently. I think it would be hilarious if you try to make a build that focuses on using Dakka Bear (without a partner). I think that would be suitably bad for your experiment. lol.

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Worst ever build in my mind would be something like this - simply avoid putting any points into the good DPS skills and sure as hell do not touch Auto Bear!

I put one point each in Deadlines and Grizzled because they’ll have virtually no effect with their diminishing returns. Stainless Steel Bear gets max points because it makes your build worse by adding extra cooldown time IF you enter/exit IB for anointments. Even if you plan on piloting IB, well you could throw in dual Bear Fists with Close the Distance for extra badness XD

That’s a good combination of bad skills. The reason I put 1 in DiB and AI was because I just couldn’t allow the worst build to avoid Force Feedback. And a single point in those skills is pretty well useless.

It was a tough choice for DL, Grizzled and SSB. I think the points in deadlines should be higher, and maybe only a single point in Grizzled. Deadlines isn’t going to do anything beneficial without IB being able to heal.

SSB is a tough call, the extended cooldown is bad, but too many points and it makes IB better.

Problem is if we use Blast Master it can make IB good. BUT if we also get to choose IB’s hard points… That changes everything.

I assumed hardpoints would be part of the build in terms of making it as worse as possible. An argument could be made for Hammerdown Protocol I guess, but I chose Bear Fists just in case people had any inclinations of piloting IB. You bring M4-boosted enemies right to your doorstep, unable to do much damage and no Vampyr for sustain = Bear destroyed in literally seconds.

With most weapons yes it would be a clear buff, but I think certain hardpoint choices can negate the practicality of the damage bonus, such as dual Bear Fists. Plus if there’s no Vampyr, an extra 30% armour doesn’t really mean much of anything with no sustain to keep it going, same as how you stated that Deadlines isn’t going to do much of anything without the ability to heal.

Assuming we choose hard points for the build, then I agree with SSB (and DL) being completely wasted points and possibly detrimental.

Bear fists are an obvious choice in this case too. The nukes can at the very least irradiate, knock back enemies, and proc Vampyr if it’s on the class mod. Plus this build doesn’t deserve bass drops.

This just hurts to watch. I might argue against rushing offensive, because it gives mobility while shooting, therefore versatility. But it’s an excellent horrible build.