Can a kind soul help me out? (LF Fire Sandhawk and The bee for level 72)

Hello fellow vault hunters.
I just started playing BL2 again after a loooong break. I stopped playing when max lvl was 61.
Now Im aiming for level 72 with my siren. and I was wondering if anyone is willing to trade me some awesome gear that I really would like to have.
I have loads of level 61 legendaries to trade if you should need them.

what I need in level 72 is:

The Bee-shield
Incendiary sandhawk smg

Can anyone help me out? :smile:
My psn-name is thehorror13. add me or answer here if you can help :smile:

among the level 61 legendaries i have are:
alkaline The bee shield
firestorm grenade mod
Baby-maker SMG
Double penetrating unkempt harold
legendary siren class mod
legendary commando class mod (dont remember if its 50 or 61)
slayer of terramorphous class mods for siren and commando
volcano sniper
incendiary infinity gun
conference call shotgun
(and many more)

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile: greetings from Norway!

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Are you on the PS3 or PS4, friend? I want to get you moved to the right trading section so you can get help as soon as possible!

I am playing handsome collection on ps4 :slight_smile:

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Coolbeans. Got you in the PS4 section. Best of luck and happy looting!

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Thank you so much :smiley: <3 and the same to you!

add me im G1Scorponok ive got some cool 72 stuff and lv 60 infinities

I added you now :smile:

It’s crazy how many people don’t wanna farm for gear in this game . Why cantyoi take some time to get it yourself?

Some people simply don’t have time, or maybe they are having trouble.
Or maybe they just want a leg up. Who are you to judge? A big part of the multiplayer aspect of this game is trading.

And to close this out, if you don’t like a thread or don’t plan to help this nice fellow out, ignore it.

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I have

72 hoplite
72 purple unyielding banshee +5 immolate, +4 fleet, +4 backdraft
72 blue breakneck banshee, +6 fleet, +5 immolate
71 righteous infinity, fire

psn: urban-stag

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It doesn’t bother me when someone wants to trade an item for an item. But when there is multiple things someone wants to get at one time, then that bothers me. Takes fun out of the game for me , and i think its a bit unfair for someone that had to go out and farm for those and just give them away for some level 60 gear.

Btw, a bee and a sandhawk is more than a leg up.

Point made. There is no reason for you be in this thread. Feel free to PM me if you wish to talk more about this.

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Add me if you want a lv 72 Inflammable Bee shield :smiley: And I also have other cool shields (lv 72).

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Of course I could. It would just take me a lot of time to grind all that stuff. I have done it already at level 61 so I was just asking to save myself some time :slight_smile:

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I will add you :slight_smile: would be awesome if you could help me out :slight_smile: I just reached level 72 an hour ago with my siren :smiley:

Cool :smiley: would be awesome. what is your psn-name? :smile:

Sorry for that, mine is also orange_teacher :slight_smile:

Oh sorry, didnt realise your name is The same as your psn name xD i added you now :smile: