Can a legendary drop be bugged so as never to occur?

A new rarity SMG from the Fight for Sanctuary DLC which apparently has only like a 1% chance to drop from specific Badass enemies. Sejanus already stated that S/He got a Twister, the point is that Bunker is already such a nightmare of a farm and on top of that he is so stingy that he refuses to give an item that isn’t even that rare.

Also @Sejanus I agree with the comparison to the Ajax Ogre although I have no idea how rare the other few hybrids are.

If I might ask are you playing the remastered version of 1? Because that has again also altered drop rates, much higher for almost anything. While it isn’t something special to find legendaries in Borderlands 1, chest/lootables actually had a secret value added to them: The more hidden the higher the value= better loot. For examble the Claptrap Robolution treasure room had something like 75, in the Enhanced version this got upped to something close to 700! Which means 4 legendaries in almost every chest!

To get back to my point, the rare items in BL1:

Even after playing BL1 for 10 years over and over again, I have sadly never seen a single Pearl and still have yet to ever see a Chimera (although I got a Lv. 37 one in the Remaster as a Item of the Day, see what I mean)


To be frank, I’ve always been confused about what counts as the Remastered version of BL1. What I’m playing is the GOTY edition on PS4. My prior understanding was that this is actually different from the Remastered version, but I could be wrong.

If the numbers you cited for Clappy’s loot room are right, then I’m certainly not playing the Remastered version. I farmed the living daylights out of that room and, indeed, got plenty of legendaries from it, but nowhere near that much. I stopped farming it because seeing half of the chests reveal only Eridian weapons every time was getting on my nerves lol.

I farmed Crawmerax intensively for weeks and managed to get something like 15 pearls from him, sadly several of them the same items (I got 4 Serpens, for example). The other ones I got the way our grand-pappies got 'em: farming Knoxx’s armory.

I know it’s a point of pride for many of us to farm things ourselves, but I always like to leave standing offers when I hear things like “I’ve never seen a single pearl after ten years.” I mean, for me, at a certain point, I start to envision myself being 80 on my death bed, trying to pump my fist while exclaiming in a hoarse, old man voice, “Yeah baby, I got a Bessie!” (Or whatever.)

Not worth it. But that’s me, I guess. I’m pretty sure I still have more than one Serpens, maybe more than one of some other pearls (I sold some - can’t recall which). Now they’re not great versions of these pearls - none of my pearls are great, unfortunately - but they’re endgame drops, so they’re as good as I could do without farming Crawmerax until Kingdom Come.

If you’re on PS4, and you get that end of life vision and just want to know what it feels like to blast away with a pearl - you got it. Offer stands!

EDIT: And per the other commenter’s remark, I hold the opinion that farming a Twister is one of the easier farms in the game. There’s no way it should take more than three or four hours tops, and if you do it right OOK is guaranteed to eventually spawn. And then, once you kill him, his drop rate for the Twister is extremely high. I’ve killed him three times and got a Twister every time.

I wouldn’t even classify the Twister as a rare gun, just annoying to obtain.

Speaking for myself, I find trying to get specific drops from Tubbies far worse than farming OOK. But YMMV.

Finally, of course I got lucky with the cobra - it’s always lucky when one drops - but it’s not like I didn’t farm the piece of crap for several days. I’ve never had a case where persistence didn’t pay off farming in Borderlands, so long as I set reasonable goals (by which I mean, I’m not expecting perfect parts or what have you).

My whole point is just that Bunker is uniquely badly designed so that it makes it highly likely that no amount of persistence will pay off - at least, not before you’re trying to pump your fist, age 80, on your death bed.


I appreciate the offer although I’m on the 360 (or One for the remaster)

You know I’m not mad that I haven’t gotten one till now I just wanted to exclaim how rare some of these guns are, neither am I above accepting a offer to get one from another player. It’s simply that it fascinates me that there are guns that I still haven’t seen after playing Borderlands 1 with a burning passion for so long and wanting to acquire one for myself since day 1. Like I got my first Hydra just 2017 and it was like “Wow I got one, after all this time looking out for one, now only the Chimera to go” :smiley:

And even with how rare Pearls are, in Borderlands 2 they are way more common compared to 1. Although I have to say I’m in no way such a strong willed farmer like you, I would guess I have somewhere around 200 Crawmerax kills… I don’t know, yet he’s a raid boss so arguably something nobody should have to do several hundreds times…

Also another thing that is quite rare are actually the General Knoxx exclusive COM’s and Eridian weapons especially the Spatter Gun.

As for the question which version you have. Are you playing the Goty (PS3) on the PS4? The remaster is called Borderlands Goty Enhanced. But I think you would know it if it was the remaster because there pretty much every single enemy drowns you in purples.


Geez, GOTY Enhanced? You can see why I got confused on the matter. The most I can discern is that my game is officially entitled, “Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition.” So I’m guessing it is not enhanced.

I wasn’t really drowning in anything until endgame in BL1, and I don’t think I got my first legendary until about halfway through PT2.

You know why I’m a (more or less) strong-willed farmer? It goes like this. I think to myself, “Self, you really hate farming and would sometimes prefer to have your nails pulled out with pliers.” Then I think, “But I love this game and I’m mainly playing it for the loot.” I spot a farm - Bunker, Crawmerax, whatever - and I determine that I will hit it extremely hard, relentlessly, until I can think of nothing else but throwing myself in front of a bus, until I get what I want. And then I’ll never do it again.

That’s all it is. Instead of stretching it out, it’s concentrated torturous pain that normally ensures I suffer intensely but relatively briefly, as opposed to stretching it out over months or years.

The psychology of farming is actually really interesting to me - one of the nice perks of entering into the world of Borderlands fandom is having so many areas where human nature intersects with games, luck, emotion, intellect, get opened up for consideration. I love it. But the point here is that the way my bone-headed, obstinate Capricorn psychology works is by “getting it over with.”

Whatever the suffering is, if I know I have to undergo it at some point, might as well do it now, so my later will be better.

(Of course, no one has to farm, but you know what I mean. If I want a Bessie in BL1, then I have to farm, barring extreme luck.)

And here again, in BL2, the goal I aimed for throughout my whole stretch of play up to level 80 was to collect every nice and unique piece of gear for my Siren, so I could then play around with whatever build I wanted, experiment with making my own builds (I’m just beginning, for instance, to try to work out a Rough Rider-Fleet build, which is why I’m interested in the Legendary Nurse COM). Given that goal, there was no way around it, and there was no way I was going to stop before I got what I wanted.

Well, turns out Bunker had a vote as well. He voted against me. To date, he’s the only farm that forced me to stop before getting my gear - which, to say it one more time (not for you but for others), is not about perfect parts or anything extravagant, but just basic stuff.

But I did learn something. Contrary to Dante, there are not nine levels of hell but ten, and that hitherto unknown final layer is exclusively filled with people farming Bunker. Time to update the Inferno. Thanks Gearbox - you’re poets and don’t know it!

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Majority of the Shams (very few) i got from BNK3R have been 81% and below, like an extra layer of “■■■■ you”

I don’t even care about those, the best ones i got were world drops anyway, but i want to get elemental Bitches or some heads i don’t already have

Piss off, BNK3R.

The only redeeming thing is that it’s a very easy fight.


For some added background for OP, there’s info here and the linked part 2:

And for a more direct comparison with the Bitch, take a look at Sandhawk farms:

The issue you have is that the way parts are rolled (and that includes the elemental accessory) combined with the number of items in Bunker’s loot pool, getting a shock bitch specifically is a long shot. If you also want to get one with specific grip etc. - well, you really need some serious patience for that.

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Moi aussi. My favorite is the 78% Sham, a special sort of suck that is. I’m still slowly getting a grip on the loot drop system in BL2, but I figured the combination of parts needed for a second-worst Sham (worst is 77%, I think) shouldn’t be any rarer than the combo of parts for a second-best Sham (93%, I gather).

Yet I’ve got at least three 78% Shams from Bunker, and have never even seen one at 90% or higher.

I’m probably wrong in my assumptions about the odds.

Not that I care (about the Shams, I mean). Just found it curious. And it made me think what a nightmare it would be to hunt for a perfect sham, or really even one that’s 90%+.

Don’t know what it is about that shield. Whenever I try it out it sucks ass; consequently, I never use it. Could be because it doesn’t reveal its power on Maya. I know what people do with it “Shamfleeting” and what-not, but outside of that, is it really all that great?

I suppose I don’t like absorb shields in general, since bullets aren’t what scare me. Elemental effects, explosives, arrows and all that wacky crap in Tina’s DLC - that’s what puts the terror in me. I find that I get much better survivability with elemental resistance shields like the Evolution.

Dunno. At this point, if I had a 94% Sham I’d trade it straight up for any old shock bitch (even a bladed one!) at my level. Hell, I’d probably just give it to someone who said “please.”

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So you’re saying there’s a chance…

Seriously, though, I don’t give two (or even one) you-know-whats about parts. Just the element.

By now, other commenters have assured me my experience is not unusual, so my complaint has moved from my game being possibly bugged to the way Bunker and his drops were designed.

It’s fascinating to me how something so awful wound up in the game - and stayed in the game - when, in my opinion, Gearbox actually gets the effort + likelihood of reward part of farming right quite often. But that fell apart and turned into a steaming pile with Bunker.

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Maliwan parts(they give the highest boost to the special stat) on shields are roughly 20 times rarer than other parts


There it is. No wonder I can’t get elemental Bees to drop.

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Good news is that a 93% sham is perfect anyways. Right @Jefe ?


iirc, Sham can’t spawn with Maliwan parts, certainly not the capacitor.

fwiw @Sejanus Sham is very situational, i only use it on Sal for Topneaa Spam build or rocket jumping. I find a Sponge the more useful of absorb shields

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The Sham isn’t a super good shield per se, it’s the 94% absorb chance coupled with the fact (which I also didn’t knew for years) that absorbed bullets don’t do damage. So in a location with mostly human enemies you are rather invincible because there is only a 6% chance for you to take damage.

In Borderlands 3 there is a similiar shield, the Rico which I used even almost 20 levels later because the low capacity didn’t mattered where I was.

Edit: And the thing were you shoot yourself to regain ammo with guns that count as rocket launcher ammo etc.

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Correct : Hyperion x3 gives 94%.
Hyperion x2 and Tediore x1 gives 93% which, through extensive testing, has been found to be vastly superior.



So I’m guessing that even though the difference between, say, 89% and 94% doesn’t seem terribly large on paper, it’s actually quite large due to the way percentages work.

I recall I tried out my 89% Sham in that area in the Scarlett DLC where you fight through all those enemies to get to whatever that weirdo’s name is. I thought it would help but I got destroyed fast.

Don’t think I’ve ever used it since.

For the record, I’m a noob when it comes to shield parts; I’m just starting to learn to recognize and pay attention to them, what they do, which are best, etc. I find it harder to get a grip on them, especially batteries and capacitors because they’re so tiny and look almost the same in several cases. Bodies aren’t too hard to differentiate, but that’s where I’m at now.

Since we have some knowledgeable shield people here, I might as well ask: are there any numbers on the chances of getting an elemental bee drop (inflammable/Alkaline)?

I’d assumed that they were super duper rare based on my own drop history with Bees and some scattered reading online - yet, whenever I go on YouTube and look up videos on, say, how to solo the Dragons with Maya, they’re always very casually saying, “And then equip an inflammable Bee…”

Um, ok. How exactly am I supposed to get one of those? I’ve been farming and using Bees since level 50. I’ve seen (not used) maybe 30 of them all told. Just to gauge my chances here - has anyone on this board farmed one legit? If so, how long did it take? Should I even bother spending time trying to farm one?

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Bees are obtainable from the Treeants in the Forest map of the Tina DLC. Multiple drop chances per run and generally much more efficient than Hunter Hellquvist (who to this day has still not dropped me anything remotely useful.)


Oh I know where to get Bees; I’m asking about fire-resistant or corrosive-resistant ones and their drop chances, and thus whether it’s worth trying to farm them.

For all I know the drop chances could be so low it’s like winning the lottery.

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Well, I haven’t seen stats on it but yes, looking for a very specific type is a bit of a crap shoot. Probably easier than farming for a particular element Bitch though, simply because the number of chances per run is higher and they don’t have as many items in their drop pool.

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That checks out. Maybe I’ll have a shot at it this weekend. I’ve usually just kept the first on-level Bee that dropped for me and then moved on. Never specifically farmed “good” ones or specific elemental-resistant types.

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That I’m actually not sure of, I think it’s more like this sought after Unicorn, you know what I mean?

As for the Bee I’m no expert on parts but given that the capacity on the Bee is rather negletable you should look out for ones with the shortest recharge delay, or a good mix of both.

Edit: Atleast for general mobbing.