Can Advanced Mode Occasionaly Have the Same Difficulty as Normal Mode?

So I’ve been trying to beat the Saboteur on Advanced for weeks now playing support but today I got a lobby with all people under level 12. So I thought, ■■■■ it why not play as ISIC. After all one of the little boys was playing Miko so I didn’t need to play babysitter.

Welp, much to my surprise we beat that level like a red headed step child whose mother I no longer love.

But the whole time it felt way too easy, like it was on normal. Sure I was playing a damage heavy tank but the thought kept popping into my head, is this normal mode?

Here’s all I know.

I had done about 320,000 damage which was about 150,000 more than the last guy.

I have a Gold medal in my statistics for the Saboteur on advanced.

Previously I had only ever played a support character on advanced, I mainly like Ambra, an unpopular choice I know. Though I pretty much always got second place in damage.

I guess my question fundamentally is are people that incredibly bad that I carried a team of low level children through the hardest mission of the game. Or can the game occasionally glitch and lower the difficulty.

Please let it be the latter, I want hope for the world of people not sucking.

My husband and i have had a few advanced missions that felt like they were on normal when we had a full five man team.

I don’t know if it’s a glitch every now and then but for us it has happened on HelioPhage, Experiment, and Renegade. 4-5 times on the Renegade.

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who felt that way. I just played another game on Advanced as ISIC and it felt totally different. I still melted faces but it wasn’t like before. Plus we even had 3 people as opposed to 4 which should make it easier.

Yeah it’s definitely not just you and it can’t be both of our imaginations! Lol.

I know different enemies and different quantities of them will spawn for the same missions. You notice it the most when you play the same level back to back. This may contribute to the difficulty. Such as the disruptor I believe it’s called, the varelsi that throws down the spike AOE. When the Saboteur and HelioPhage spawn those beasts the difficulty raises about 5 million levels lol. And vice versa when weaker enemies spawn making the level much easier.

As @orionwannabe said, there appears to be a certain level of randomness with enemy spawns, which is why you might find some runs more or less challenging than others. Advanced enemies do have higher stats (particularly the higher tier enemies), but if you are already dealing lots of damage, it might not feel like it.

There have been times where I have just been crushed by the combination of enemies (3x MX.Ronin Bots all at once) that randomly spawn and other times where I have just breezed through like it was nothing.


Yeah them Ronin and Scavens are basically mini bosses when it comes to damage output lol.

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Getting too many of those Evolved Thrall in your face can have a similar effect too…Especially with the way they throw/spam punches and like to pin you into a corner… :sweat:


True true.

Sometimes minions in PvP can feel the same lol.

:joy: well that’s one way of looking at it!