Can all achievements be reached in TVHM?

I played through NVHM as soon as possible to get to max level and then do TVHM with all side quests to get level appropriate rewards etcetera.

Quick question though, is it possible to get all game achievements in TVHM playing now at max level?

You can also play in normal with Mayhem on and everything will scale, that’s how I got 'em all.

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You will get problem with the location achievements. It’s a known issue since launch

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That suck, so I must continue my normal mode playthrough?

No, you can continue TVHM no problem. The locations bug is just a random bug, doesnt matter if you’re on Normal or TVHM.

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Awesome, fantastic thanks!

No problem, and for the record, I believe the bug (if nothing has changed) is that the game doesn’t always remember all locations you’ve been to between play sessions.

Lets say you are in The Splinterlands and go to Area X. The very first time you play, it will say “discovered Area X,” and in the future, it’ll say “entering Area X.” Now lets say you save and exit, and then start up the game to play more later. The bug is that even though you’ve been there 100 times before, the game will tell you “discovered Area X.” This makes it nearly impossible to get the “found all locations” achievement when this happens.

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