Can an OP10 Hoplite shield be equipped?

So I was farming OP10 Pete the Invincible to get an upgraded Hoplite. Previously, the best Hoplite shield that I can equip (with an appropriate class mod) was OP3. I was thinking of getting an OP 10 shield, but none of the class mods allows me to equip it without emptying my health bar.

Is it possible to equip an OP10 Hoplite with an appropriate class mod (in my case, I was using the assassin’s “Survivor” Class Mods)? If not, then what is the highest OP Hoplite that can be equipped, assuming access to appropriate health buffs (like “Survivor” class mods)?

Without mathing it out, I suspect the highest is still OP3, but that’s now a level 83 Hoplite instead of level 75 (+8, just like the level cap raise). Reason for this is that Borderlands 2’s stat system, with respect to leveling follows an exponential growth model. So a 3 levels above Hoplite should have a proportionally identical health reduction whether its level 72, OP3 (effectively level 75), or level 80, OP3 (effectively level 83).