Can any of my ships hit anything?

Is there some kind of gunnery school available here? It seems my latest pilots could not hit the broadside of the mothership if they were parked right next to the damn thing. I’ll explain…

Mission 5: The Great Wastelands, part Deux.

Lots of enemy interceptors. Lets try to kill them shall we? Well, my corvettes (light or heavy) cannot hit them, and WILL NOT even try to close the distance to engage, instead just sitting there hoping an enemy ship flies nearby like some carnivorous plant. I know that the heavy corvette doesn’t specifically say “strong vs fighters” but holy christ could they do ANYTHING?

Lets try my own interceptors. Oh goody they’re getting shredded. Doesn’t matter what the settings, my fighters get obliterated by the Taidan. Doesn’t matter what formation. Doesn’t matter what aggression level. 40 interceptors dead.

How about Defenders. They are “strong vs fighters” right? NOPE! Their bullets move SO DAMN SLOWLY, that they cannot hit a single frickin ship. 20 Defenders all spraying out a stream of uselessness.

Well maybe if I ignore them, they’ll go away. Lets move on to the enemy frigates. I have some of those, along with a flight of 20 bombers, so I should be good to go. I bring my 6 assaults around and focus on single targets, one at a time. From above, my bombers start their run. Wait…what’s that? The un-hittable Taidan interceptors are charging my bombers like a swarm of enraged wasps whose mother I just insulted. Nothing I can do to stop them, so I get to watch as another couple thousand resource units is reduced to component atoms. In the mean time, three enemy destroyers are closing. At least I have some “strong vs frigates” heavy corvettes. Oh right…they just park themselves in front of the enemy assault frigs and die. I had hoped to clean up the frigates before they closed the distance, but that plan is fading fast.

You know, I’m no professional gamer, but I like to think I’m bright enough to figure out a game like this. I’m also big enough to admit that I could be missing something, but hell if I know what that is.


Interceptors for cover, ion frigates for anti capital. Assault frigates are more anti corvette. Also, do not use formations for interceptors - there is a bug being worked on.

I’m afraid I don’t know what “Into for cover” means. The rest I do understand. I probably could have written this a bit more tightly, but the main thrust of my rant was that Interceptors seem useless, Defenders seem useless, Corvettes don’t move once in combat. I did at first try formations for my Interceptors, but yeah I saw how bad it was and quickly abandoned that.

So far my takeaway for this mission is…just build frigates. Everything else is pointless. Hope to hell that the enemy interceptors can’t do enough damage, because I just can’t hit them.

It was supposed to be “ints” sorry. Interceptors are good for taking out bombers, and generally for keeping everything busy while your ions deal the DPS. Assault frigates and Heavy corvettes will often (ineffectively) target your interceptors instead of focusing on your larger vessels.

If you want anti-fighter corvettes, light corvettes do better than heavy corvettes. Heavy corvettes are intended to counter corvettes and frigates, not fighters.

Interceptor + Ion will beat Interceptor + Assault. The DDs will be trouble unless you have a lot of ion frigates - I suggest heavy corvettes, salvagers (4 per DD) or bombers once you manage to clear enemy interceptors. You should be able to do it if you leave the interceptors out of formation.

“ints”…I should have figured that out.

Unfortunately, light corvettes don’t help. They just float around just like heavies, making perfectly good targets, and get shredded by enemy ints. This is what happens when switch from hitscan and hit chance to more realistic ballistic fire. Don’t get me wrong…I love that they’ve abandoned hit chance. I loved the ballistic fire in original HW, and I’m glad it’s back, but you can’t then have an entire class of light ship that just pretends space is a parking lot.

Hopefully this will be addressed at some point. I’ve waiting this long…

Corvette AI is a little bit borked ATM anyways - it is being worked on by testers.

Just spam Interceptors and Ion frigates and you should be fine, especially if you have a couple support frigates for repairs. Assault frigates are good against corvettes, but usually the Taiidan don’t field enough heavies to threaten your heavier ships.

I just finished recently playing through the HWRM HW1C missions, here is a video of missions 5 and 6 if you want to see what I did: I should mention that in that in my play through of both the HWRM and the original Homeworld 1 Classic from CD I only ever built bombers and only in the original game NOT in the HWRM classics. None of the fighters have been worth the time and cost of building them to complete the missions. I’ve only ever used corvettes, heavy and multi with repair vetts set to support them.

Give the video a go if you want to see how I used them.


Well I drudged up enough willpower to play through a few more missions. Enter the Garden of Kadesh…

Here again…my ships that are supposedly strong against fighters cannot hit anything. I don’t mean that they hit, and just do minimal damage. I mean that they could not hit the swarmers to save their lives.

Drone frigs? Can’t hit anything and can’t do enough damage to be useful. Multi gun 'vettes? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Also can’t hit anything…dead in moments anyway. Best strat here? Kill the fuel pods, wait until the swarmers stop moving, and use assault frigs to kill them.

Confirmed…anything under frigate in size is a pointless waste of time. I cannot help but wonder if anyone at gearbox actually played the game before releasing this patch. Just like the original release of Homeworld Remastered…this was “ready for release”? I understand game bugs, but this is no but…it’s just crap mechanics.

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You’re right. I played through both HW1RM campaign and HW campaign. No comparison. HW wins hands down, no contest. There are so many issues with HW1RM I don’t know where to start. GBX has made a noble attempt at getting HW and HW2 into the same game but alas, has failed miserably in shoring up the HW SP campaign and HW mechanics. They are concerned with multiplayer and their efforts are toward multiplayer. SP and HW game play take a back seat. This also affects unit balance which cannot be achieved because the mechanics are all wrong.

The eye candy of HW1RM is fantastic but only goes so far. The HW SP campaign lacks the eye candy but is light years ahead in game play. After a couple of missions of HW you tend to forget about the eye candy and start to appreciate the game mechanics… Plus you get to run the campaign with both factions (Kushan or Taiidan).

I modded HW and took out the N-Lips. This helps in true visual scaling… I just wish I could get it to run in Glide on Windows 10…


Welcome to 2020, none of this has been fixed, ships still can’t hit the broadside of Jupiter from 1 km away, ships will ignore orders and switch to targets clean across the map instead of the ships right next to them. The remastered version is not worth playing, just click the play original button. I have played ever version of homeworld, I own the Original on CD, and the remastered versions are just giant steaming piles of, well you know the rest.

Four year necro? Unholy fire, dude!