Can any part of this game be played offline yet

If I were to buy this game now, could I at least play the story mode offline? maybe even the vs modes against bots?

Unfortunately, all of it requires a connection all the time.

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thanks, I played the beta and loved it, but the always online is a deal breaker. now that the servers are going down, there is no reason to get it. very sad, woulda loved to play this game some more.

The servers won’t be going down for a wee while soon.


I give it middle of next year

I’d say around end of next year, which is plenty of time to get your money’s worth out of the game. It’s bloody cheap these days.

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They are not. Please follow official information instead of listening to “oh noes the gaem is ded now” rumors.

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Your “foreseeable future” © is really short guys, are you always so pessimistic? I mean, concidering how underwhelming the game was doing, GBX still stuck to it pretty long, there’s no reason to expect it to be closed this soon.

Only when I’ve been drinking. I’m guessing that they’ll start removing support for Battleborn in preparation for BL3 at about that point.

What does it have to do with BL3? They are completely different games and they need very different support.

Okay… you know what? I’m being stupid. I somehow thought for a bit there that the games would run on the same servers and need to compromise on space for one or the other. Too tired for this sh*t. Apologies!

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Even if BL3 through some massive disaster does end up requiring always on-line, the way the servers work (virtual instances spun up on Amazon Web Services as needed) means that one game shouldn’t displace another due to space requirements. The real issue is the bill GBX/2K gets from AWS for however many people are still playing Battleborn, and whether that becomes a financial issue.

Today: Servers aren’t shutting down! Yeah, Battleborn forever!

Less than 24 hours later: F**k it, it’s too hard! Servers set to implode! Cutting losses and pulling out!

Seems quite possible and believe able.



Please don’t revive long dead threads - they don’t smell so great and they tend to attract flies. (Also, BB servers are still running)