Can anyone drop me all the heads?

I remember playing borderlands 2 on PS3 and some guy dropped me all the heads for the characters. I was wondering if this can still be done?

Only if someone has spares for them all. My guess, given the rarity of some of those heads and the time required to farm them all, is that the individual used… other means to “get” them. And that topic of discussion is verboten on the forums. If you hit the relevant trading section, you may luck out and get some of them (right now you’re in the XB1 section; there’s separate ones for PS4, PC/Mac/Linux, 360, and PS3). Good luck!

This. Some of them are such a nightmare to obtain (length of time to get), that I can’t imagine many people are crazy enough to then farm them again for no reason. Might I suggest you just farm them yourself? This may seem like i’m having a go at you but i’m not, honestly you’re more likely to get what you want with heads and skins if you get them yourself. Weapons and things like that are more readily available and as such people can more likely help you, but for these it might be better in the long run.

Are you on Xbox? I have them

Yes I’m on Xbox one my gamer tag is whiteboy69pug (wanted the most stupid thing I could think of) also I’m down to play aswell I used to play this a lot so I know what I’m doing and I’m chill not looking to steal drops just looking for people to play with aswell

You online right now?

No I’m at work I won’t be on till later

No problem. I work a 9-5 today so I’ll be online in the evening around 6pm AZ time so I’ll try to catch you then. Already sent you a FR on xbox

Okay thanks I’m online now but I’m usually always on the weekends also

Cool I’ll be home in a bit so I’ll catch you there