Can anyone explain the pings?

In other games I know that’s it’s generally good to have less than 100 ping, but here pings are in decimals? like 0.234, what is that? What is a good ping here and what is a bad ping?

Most sources display pings in milliseconds. HW2/HWRM displays in seconds, therefore 0.234s is 234 ms.

From what I have been able to see, HWRM should play smoothly as long as you’re below 300ms.

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I see a lot of players bitching about ping and kicking.
This ain’t call of duty son, it is an rts, anything lower than 0.300 is ok. Those lag issues are caused by another problems, connection stability, packet loss, background downloads, WiFi usage, etc, but any ping below 0.300 is fine.

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Ordinarily, I’d agree. 300 ms for an RTS should be fine.

But, my experience has been if there’s somebody with a ping above 200, it’s likely they’ll not be able to load or will get booted sometime during the game. Getting games to launch clean and play clean the whole way through was an, err, adventure with HW2 and that seems to be carrying over the HWR.

From my experience I usually don’t have problems, and my ping uses to be something like 0.200~0.300, due my location.
Now I might be wrong, but I think that there is different situations, for example my con reaches those ping due location, but high pings caused by connection stress, like downloads and uploads might cause the game to lag.
And about crashes, those seem to be random, non related to ping, I have seem me with part of the team drop off, part of the party drop and I stay, totally random.
Netcode always were an issue with hw2, those crashes and loading problems in the hwr launch are the living proof of that.

Important factor is network stability. I’ve played with 320 with no lag but someone with unstable throughput with 200 can make it lag. You can usually spot that in game lobby whether anyone is having jumpy ping or not.

I’ve often played with Australians, and they tend to have Pings somewhere around 300ms. But they were solid connections during the game.

For me, my hardware and connection; it seems like .160 or so is the limit

I have yet to have a game load or run through when a high-ping or variable ping player joins.

.200 and above is a death sentence for my launches if I am hosting.

I have yet to have an issue when all are under .100 to me.

While I do agree that there are netcode issues, ping does play a role in my games.

Having had to live with 200-300ms ping (dependent on US or EU servers) my entire life I can say with about 15 years of experience (around half my life) that ping alone does not and will not effect most RTS games in the way kids these days think it will. In an FPS it will effect the player yes but the real killer in RTS is as many have said is stability (including variable ping, dropped packets, basically quality) not actual latency. You can achieve a bad latency even if you are sitting right next to the servers if you are downloading something else (or someone on your network) or if there is bad hardware (cable, router, wi-fi signal) or if there is a problem with your ISP or if you are being capped or throttled or shaped. That means that the quality of your connection is bad and some games can not handle a bad connection. They can handle a high latency fine, just not a low quality one.


you people are making it sound like looking at the pings is pointless after all

Ding! We have a winner!

Well I mean if the latency is all over the place, like jumping up and down by say more than 50 the whole time or irregularly then there might be a problem. Also if the ping is steady but much higher than .300-.350 then they might be on a poor connection or downloading something. .300-.350 is around the furthest you’ll get location wise. Australia and South Africa get around that ping to the Americas. A steady ping of .600 or more is normally a satellite connection of some kind, regardless of where in the world and that could have severe packet loss. I think this will more likely cause sync errors and DCing.

You can tell a lot from someone’s latency but you need to understand what its telling you and not be a total dick about someone that has a stable connection but just happens to find himself on another continent. Interestingly enough this is also known as growing up.

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