Can anyone get in yet?

Did the pre-load thing for PS4 yesterday and today is FRIDAY the 8th at almost 11am CST, but every time I try starting up game I just get message saying it WILL be available Friday the 8th…so ummmm what’s up???

Start time for PS4 is 10 am Pacific. According to my clock, you still have a bit to wait…

Patience, Grasshopper!

in cest it will beginn in 40 min

so is anyone still waiting for the game or is it just me

I’m still waiting even though it should be ready but says server is unavailable

I’m waiting too :).

Servers are experiencing a Hiccup. Patience and your Beta will arrive.

Still waiting here too. I keep getting an inventory operation timeout error. Not sure if servers are down or clogged.


there is a topic about it, go check it out

Yeah, please use an existing thread, thanks. It makes it easier for gearbox to keep track of problems.