Can anyone give me a Bekah (level 70 - 72)?

Hi! So, I’ve been playing BL2 for years. It’s one of my fave games. I’ve had luck with the first-gen Pearls but have never had a second-gen Pearl drop for me, ever, after soooo much Tubby farming. I’ve almost given up and would really love a Bekah–any prefix–if someone would be sweet enough to trade/give me one. I’m at level 72, but I’ll take one anywhere from 70 - 72. Would really appreciate this–it’s the gun I’ve wanted more than any other and also the one I just can’t get to drop, after endless months of trying. Lmk if anyone might have one to spare, and thanks in advance!!

Edit: I’m on PS3.

I do have a spare one at level 72. I won’t be online for awhile though sadly. About to go to sleep and have to work tomorrow. If you still need it tomorrow, my PSN is yoikat. Add me and just send a message

Edit: you don’t have to add me lol. But are welcome. You can just send me a message

Yay! You’re awesome. Appreciate it. No rush, honestly–I’ll add you, and hopefully we can find a time. I’m Calliope22. If you can’t do it tomorrow, that’s fine, and even Sunday night or next week sometime would be cool.

what platform are you on? if you are on PS4 message me if you see me nat_zero_six

No problem. Will do. Unless you get it from Nat first :slight_smile:

My bad–I’m on PS3.

Should’ve asked, Raptchur–you on PS3?

Ah no i’m sorry PS4. My fault for not specifying. Sorry i can’t help

No worries–appreciate the offer anyway!

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