Can anyone give me a Bekah (level 70 - 72)?

(Gabby ) #1

Hi! So, I’ve been playing BL2 for years. It’s one of my fave games. I’ve had luck with the first-gen Pearls but have never had a second-gen Pearl drop for me, ever, after soooo much Tubby farming. I’ve almost given up and would really love a Bekah–any prefix–if someone would be sweet enough to trade/give me one. I’m at level 72, but I’ll take one anywhere from 70 - 72. Would really appreciate this–it’s the gun I’ve wanted more than any other and also the one I just can’t get to drop, after endless months of trying. Lmk if anyone might have one to spare, and thanks in advance!!

Edit: I’m on PS3.

(Jones) #2

I do have a spare one at level 72. I won’t be online for awhile though sadly. About to go to sleep and have to work tomorrow. If you still need it tomorrow, my PSN is yoikat. Add me and just send a message

Edit: you don’t have to add me lol. But are welcome. You can just send me a message

(Gabby ) #3

Yay! You’re awesome. Appreciate it. No rush, honestly–I’ll add you, and hopefully we can find a time. I’m Calliope22. If you can’t do it tomorrow, that’s fine, and even Sunday night or next week sometime would be cool.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #4

what platform are you on? if you are on PS4 message me if you see me nat_zero_six

(Jones) #5

No problem. Will do. Unless you get it from Nat first :slight_smile:

(Gabby ) #6

My bad–I’m on PS3.

(Gabby ) #7

Should’ve asked, Raptchur–you on PS3?

(Jones) #8

Ah no i’m sorry PS4. My fault for not specifying. Sorry i can’t help

(Gabby ) #9

No worries–appreciate the offer anyway!

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