Can anyone give me some Fl4k Crit Build help?

Hey everybody, I am back from taking a break from this game, and this time I am attempting a Fl4k critical build. As I am new to this character, can anybody help me with what skills and items are ideal for this build.(I am looking for a m4 build that can do the takedown). Thanks, sorry I am not asking too much, but I am basically lost when it comes to Fl4k.

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@VaultHunter101 Probably better that this be in the FL4K section. Give the mods a minute to move it.

Anyway, as a very generalized and simple answer, any variant of this

or this

Should suffice. Look to the top gear thread to see which gear can replace what, but generally these are the two paths of Fade Away.
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Thanks, I appreciate it. I heard news that they could be buffing Fl4ks pets? What do you think about it.

Pets are completely useless now, they dont do any damage and cannot survive more than few shots. Fl4k need serious buff in this way. This is one of the reasons, why most of the TOP endgame builds are for Amara nad Zane.

I’m taking a wait and see approach so I don’t get disappointed, so no opinion. If you want to see what pets are capable of right now, this is the best I’ve got.

Actually it is more because both are ez mode … Zane with Seein Dead and Amara with her natural skill set.
Fl4k is perfectly fine and capable to do anything the game throws at us though. That is not to say a true pet build leaves a lot to be desired. (Not counting Gamma Burst Red Fang as that build works just fine but doesn’t truly use pets as a damage dealer).


I member you leaving. Glad you picked the best character coming back.

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Thanks, I guess the forums were right when they said I just needed a break from the game. I am loving Fl4k so far.

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