Can anyone help me farm some sand hawks on PS4?

PSN is xXTrU3_bl00d21Xx Trying to store multiple sand hawks if anybody willing to help me quick would appreciate it !!

Farming sandhawks, quick? :rofl: that’s a good one. Farming sandhawks never was, never is, and never will be “quick”. You’re better off just asking someone to “give” them to you.

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Just get a second controller.

Problem solved.


To clarify:

Start a local MP game splitscreen.

Run to Scarlet unitl you get a version you like.

Don’t move - drop the gun.

Use the second player to pick it up.

Dashboard out.



Play offline.

But keep your main character with a save backed up online right before turning in the quest.

That way, if you get auto-saved after turning it in, you can reload the toon with the quest intact.

What level? I have lvl80s and op10s I can help with. Psn thatguysh4rk. If that’s what you’re looking for

yeah anything above 72 flying sand hawk would be great help ill add u

I could use some as well