Can anyone help me figure out what this siren did?

I was messing around with maya today to unlock vorac when this siren joined out of no where.

it’s strange because i could swear i set the network to online friends only, but he joined none the less (when I checked, is the setting what you want it to be? or what the setting is currently? because the selection is at online friends only, but again, if that’s not displaying what my ACTUAL setting is, then I might have set it to public and not change it back)

regardless of how this person joined, he/she joined and we immediately go to kick@ss.

okay, mainly this person. my build is the standard beehawk. so while I can go through the game quickly because it’s what a beehawker is supposed to do, the pace that this person plays at is beyond phenomenal.

from what i can gather, he/she use hammer buster and maggie. I might have seen shotgun shells from time to time (because of scatter shots), which i can only guess it’s not interfacer, because the bullet pattern don’t match.

the amazing thing is amongst the frantic play of being both the dps AND tank, i rarely saw his/her shield go down past 20%. in fact, most of the time it’s full. now, i know BL is not the most responsive in terms of updating allie information, but health damage is often pretty obvious. anyways, we steamrolled through… well… everything, faster than i would have on my own (meaning, twice the health of enemies, but twice the speed on our part), again, fairly minimal damage taken on his part.

to play at his/her pace, meaning my bee is probably ineffective half the time due to constantly getting hit, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for this dude. which i can only surmise that he did not use a bee build.

now, at this point, i am beyond amazed due to the fact that: no bee, huge dps, unkillable shield, and weapons that you usually don’t find on a siren

our first death is at vorac himself, but then i went full ■■■■■■ and killed the chief while the shield is on vorac. basically, we wiped. immediately, he put on harold, and what i can only describe as godlike, vorac literally took less than 3 minutes to kill. (not going full retard and kill chielf right away with 95% health and shield transfer also helped)

(okay, maybe that’s exaggeration on the numbers, but the point is, not goinng full retard made the fight easier)

the whole time, i was beyond useless because for some reason, the cchief love to aim lighting at me… faiirly exclusively, meaning no bee for pretty much the whole fight. as i jumped around like a ■■■■■■, vorac was harolded.

this really opened my eyes because it’s completely unconventional. and no, i do not believe this person cheated in any shape or form because of the fluidity of the action and the way i can tell from enemy health. this was just a dood that played unconventional super super good. (well, i don’t know how unconventional, but at least a quick browse through youtube and this forum reveals nothing that this person might have done)

so, smart people of the forum, what did this dood do?

is it a quick charge shield build that keep bee up all the time?
is it a secret none elemental maya that i do not know about?
how was dpuh do so much more damage in the hands of maya?

i must know!!!

(edit: forgot to mention, slag is usually not a problem for beehawker, but this person was using magic missile, so it’s not like he’s breaking game mechanics to reach that torrential dps. however, if the only difference between beehawk dps and other guns was simply slag, then i have played this game all wrong. personally, i use singularity grenade btw, ever since master gee, it’s kind of standard for me to always slot in singularity grenade. anyways, my point is, that’s how i know this person isn’t cheating, because he never played beyond the game’s ability. he’s just playing REALLY REALLY well.)

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Out of curiosity, what difficulty were you playing on and at what level were both of you?

…and this could be the result of a combination of things…BAR, shield, relic, etc. All can add dps, damage reduction.

I even run a Torgue loyalty Maya, mostly to be a smartass. They probably know how to use her skills to their maximum. Maya is my fav tank and my choice for boss raids ( unless I really feel like killing Terra in less than a couple of minutes, I use a Sal ).

I still use the hawk, but not necessarily a beehawk ( unless I want to squash Saturn in seconds ).
DPUH is always in my right slot, as it’s my FFYL gun of choice. I don’t believe there is such a thing as “Maya” guns, though she favors SMG heavily in Class Mod bonuses.

One suggestion…check out the Maya the Siren builds people have posted here. Lots of useful info by people who seem to know how to really play her and play her well.

It is possible the player was using a Hammer Buster. It is also possible the player was using a Bekah (also Jakobs), which is a better AR for Maya to use. If the other player was using mainly Jakobs weapons, they may have even been using a Jakobs allegience relic. If the Shotgun was NE, it could have been a Striker (Jakobs). If you were in UVHM and are Level 72, the other player could have been OP8 and had OP8 gear.

Since you stated the other player’s shield didn’t lose much capacity, chances are they were not using a Bee shield. My guess would be a Blockade with a very low Recharge Delay. IIRC, at lvl 72 the max capacity for a very high AMP dmg Bee is in the 200K range. At OP8, the max capacity for a very high AMP dmg Bee shield is in the 600K range. Ward an Inertia will both help substantially with the Bee, but neither will keep it “up all the time”. Certain NE weapons can work well for Maya, depending on the Build, Relic and COM. As for the DPUH doing so much dmg, the DPUH is one of the best pistols in the game. If it was OP8, it could potentially do about 600K x 2 per shot. Another possibility is that the player was using a Sheriff’s Badge to boost both the DPUH and the Maggie. Without knowing specifics, it is a matter of speculation.

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Sounds a bit like modded bar to me


I didn’t want to come out and say it, but you did. lol.

There are also ways, depending on what level they were playing, of doing things that to a casual observer would …look legit, but be modded.

Folks who think that modded guns or bar are the only ways to gain advantage on console ( or pc for that matter ) don’t understand the game mechanics and modding tools available.

This is all to say… I really would like to see footage of this gameplay, but really all of this could be done legitimately, but …but.

or their name so we can see for ourselves.

maybe if it was an op8 maya in op0 but with those weapons and vora dying that fast, it doesn’t sound right

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I agree…and I have done that with friends as an OP8 Siren and they were lvl 72.
It didn’t take any “three minutes” though. More like 30 to 45 seconds to kill a level 74 Vora ( guessing on that, but most seem to be 2 levels above) .

Yes…w/o more detail, this will be…fun.

Since this is Maya we are talking about, I’m just gonna leave this here…

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it’s op8. that’s why it’s impressive. don’t get me wrong, with over 500 hours and loyal suscriber to bahroo, morning after kill, gothalian, and joltz, im no noob with the decked out siren. but this guy is just amazing. o and, i know it’s hammer buster because i asked.

after thinking a little bit, i don’t know how effective is quick charge, maybe it’s just a really strong protection build. as for dps, maybe im selling myself short during the general process, because it’s not like i stand back and not fire a shot. even without bee shield half the time, a sandhawk is a sandhawk, and the other half, im toring through mobs as well.

however, the vorac fight is all this person though. i literally fired 3-4 salvos before needing to run around from lightning shock and vorac leap, so that kill was all him/her.

anyways, just curious whether there is a dpuh maya with strong shield build.

I’m not aware of a build, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. Like I said, I run a Torgue allegiance build because explosive is the one element she doesn’t get crazy bonuses for…plus TORGUE!

If it was a legit shield, then P up there probably hit said nail on said head with Blockade shield mention. I talk crap about that shield, but only because it’s a great shield and I feel it’s my sovereign duty to knock it down a couple of notches. ( I use one all the time @ OP, but don’t tell P…it will be our secret )

Too bad you didn’t get footy. Footy would have been nice to see.

If you were both OP8, then that would be a legit way to do it. HIGH BAR would help, depending on the stats. PS…having a good BAR doesn’t mean it’s modded. It just means you play the game a lot, and with a lot of characters.

Non legit ways that might look legit…modified BAR or guns…in this case, lightly modified. You would have noticed something wonky if heavily modified and you stated that it “seemed” legit.

I’ll have to assume legit unless proven otherwise.

DPUH, as stated before, is one of the best pistols in the game. There is a reason I use it for FFYL in OP8. It wrecks face. It wrecks your neighbors face. It changes the DNA of anyone who has ever touched it and then wrecks ten generations of their ancestor’s faces.

I have a BAR at ~450k, and it’s nowhere near the boost described in the OP. Take a look at what it said.

Blockade, Turtle, Hoplite… They all go down!

Hammer Buster and Maggie is a very odd choice for raids. Bekah is a different story, but it looks totally different from HB. Harold, although a very powerful gun, is also an odd choice because it’s hard to get all pellets to hit.

Maybe the player was using merged weapons. That would explain some of it, but not all. The shield doesn’t benefit from that. It could be that the player had an extremely high BAR, but I don’t see how you could possibly get a BAR that would give you that much of a boost in a legitimate way. It would probably take a BAR at 500 millions. And then… maybe…

It all sounds a bit modded to me!

cracked sash maya combined with a blue guarded warder class mod and a high bar -recharge delay would do it. .98 seconds recharge -88% is basically instant. throw in +50% capacity from ward…
Mordecai may have to loan her his catchphrase.

.98 - 88% is .1176 seconds recharge delay, according to my maths.

That would explain the shield, but you wouldn’t have the DPS with that the OP explained with that setup

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i know. Not from a hammer buster.

I did do what you explained once in petes bar after finding a perfect cracked sash and it was pretty funny

that specific com, the blue guarded warder makes you invincible to just about everything when wearing the sash.

Cracked sash + High cap/high recharge relic + full Ward/Accelerate/Inertia/Minds Eye/Wreck/Reaper + high bar-recharge delay and crit. damage + chaotic evil cleric + weapons that crit. and have crit. bonuses.
Swap to sheriffs badge when the DPUH comes out to play.
I only mention this because I use a lower level variant of this setup regularly. Some might be suprised at how much damage you can take and how much you can put out with this setup.

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Even with a Cracked Sash, you’d still take health damage once in a while. No matter how good you are. The OP says that the shield didn’t go down all the way. That might be the case if you’re using a high capacity Blockade or Hoplite, but when the Cracked Sash takes a hit, it goes down. For general mobbing, it’s a great shield, but against Vora… Not my first choice.

Mobbing DPS sure, raid DPS no chance