Can anyone help me figure out what this siren did?

I will certainly take both you guys word for it, just throwing around ideas :wink:

Here’s an idea. Offer a “solution” to the OP’s post as opposed to critique of what others have to say.

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ok, some more observation and clues since i got to play with this guy again today

i notice a third weapon used is the striker (pink/grayish jacob, so im fairly certain)

combine with maggie and hammer buster, i think it’s for certain that it’s a jacob allegiance build. i don’t know how common it is, but that seems to be it.

the reason why i don’t think it’s cheating is becuse if you can mod your game at will, why would you just mod it to fit within the natural ebb and flow of the game? why not go crazy and just 1 shot everything?

though more observation today kinda did raise more suspicion for me. he told me he’s using a grounded bee shield, which i assume he chose the parts that give max amplification. so that explains the dps combine with the damage boost from jacob allegiance. however, i don’t see how you can keep your shield up. he’s literally tanking the OMGWTF today by standing infront of it. is there any skill/equipment combo that does that? keep your shield regen incredibly fast?

so im conflicted, as there are signs, but then there are reaons against cheating assumption… hum…

also, i notice it’s a partly scorn build, but with subsequence, but no thoughtlock (enemy raise to air), which is even more curious because of all dps build that i’ve seen, i never hear anyone talking about a harmony/motion build.

so is it possible to have the offense comes from the gear, and defense comes from the build? something totally original that at least i have never seen before?

the only possible way I know of to stand in front of OMGWTH and take shots to the face and shrug it off is to have your BAR stats cranked up to like 500% each. and even then, it takes an assload of shots and is close. I’ll have to find that video.

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There is no legitimate way to keep the Bee shield up while under heavy fire as the Siren. The Bee’s delay is far too high even with 11/5 in Ward. The only skill Maya has that allows shields to regenerate immediately and constantly is Inertia but that is a kill skill and can only regenerate 4% per sec at best. OMGWTH only has one “minion” and that is it’s turret, missile launcher, whatever.

As such I also like to think it is an impossibly large BAR.

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yeah, when you said he said its a bee, there’s no doubt his bar is modded.

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Yeah OMGWTH will destroy you with a single shot if you have the blockade on, the bee stands no chance.

considering how low its actual “shielding” ability is.

What is perhaps most impressive is how someone was actually able to find you, in public matchmaking, if you were hosting an OP8 match.

This pretty much confirms my earlier speculation that the shotgun was likely a Striker (very tight spread) and therefore probably a Jakobs Allegiance build, since you confirmed the other player was also using a Hammer Buster and a Maggie. I am by no means an expert on Jakobs builds, since I typically run with an elemental Bone of the Ancients and the only Jakobs weapons I carry are a Rustlers Twister (Shock) shotgun and Boss Bekah Assault Rifle. You would have to ask @Troubled, who is much more of a Jakobs expert with Maya than I.

The next time you run across this player, I would ask him politely to put his Grounded Bee shield up for trade, just so you can look at the stats. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find out it is a Purple rarity hacked / modded shield with the recharge delay significantly decreased. Even at OP8 a max AMP dmg Bee shield has ~ 600K capacity. Vorac would one shot that to nothing, and likely also take off a substantial amount of health. As an example, when I farm the Loot Train on OP8 Mr. Tinder Snowflake and any of the little snowmen can take out my Grounded Bee shield in one shot and also part of my health bar. So, if this other player was using a Bee shield against Vorac at OP8 and only losing approximately 20% of the shield then something is very fishy with the shield.

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[quote=“gelatincyborg, post:11, topic:575434”]I run a Torgue allegiance build because explosive is the one element she doesn’t get crazy bonuses for[/quote]I like your style.

In answer to OP’s other question, I’m guessing you’re on Steam? If you are in a group (like a “follower” group of those Youtubers, for example), I believe other group members can join you even if you’re not friends or haven’t sent them an invite. I had randoms join when I thought they couldn’t by this mechanism (now I always lock my game down).

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Just looked up the stats between an OP8 Grounded Bee vs. Purple rarity OP8 modded Bee;

Amp damage: approx the same…1.6 mil

The biggest differences are in recharge delay, recharge rate and capacity.
The modded one has 1/2 the capacity, twice the recharge rate and hovers between 1.8 - 2.3 delay.

If he was using this, then my best guess is that he has modded his BAR, perhaps individually ( each stat ). If you weren’t experiening lag or weird fire rates from his guns, I would further say he has adjusted only certain BAR stats, keeping the others around “very good” legit rates.

If this is PC, then I can only guess what other cheat options are available to him/them.

All this being said, it would great if it was legit.
I doubt it.

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If they were using mostly, if not all, Jakobs equipment it probably is the Striker. If they were taking their time with shots it wouldn’t be anything else as the Striker is the only real shotgun that benefits from precision over body shots enough to make the effort worthwhile. Probably was using an Allegiance COM as well to make the most out of the Jakobs weaponry. Though from what I am reading from this topic there is more than meets the eye as he/she should have been struggling against Vorac with such a build.

The thing that sticks out to me is that from what I am reading is this person’s shield is taking little damage where it should be getting wiped out.

IIRC, Vorac is way to fast too let you line up crit shots repetitively.

Yes which I find as odd if they brought those weapons to bear onto Vorac. Not what I would have picked.

Maybe next time this guy joins you game your can just ask him whats up? Isn’t this the simplest way of answering all your questions/concerns?

Or is this not possible for some reason.


yes that would ruin the subterfuge

it woud be. but im not the type of person that simply walks to someone and ask, “hey, are you cheating?”

and honestly, who am i to judge if that’s what makes him/her happy. but truth be told, i was really hoping to see a game changer build that perhaps it’s not widely discussed. i play tps as well, and I used to think rosie/storm front is about the most lethal combo for athena, but then I saw all those 230 world record kill video done with nothing but purples (very specific and probably really hard to come by purples, but purples none the less), and that really got me thinking…

amazing methods and combos are out there, jsut whether someone discovered them or not. i thought in this case, maybe there’s a new siren build that i did not know about. a scorn subsequence jacob allegiance build. i mean, theoretically, highest damage weapon with whatever he did for defense, sounds possible. after all, beehawk everything is kinda boring.

Nobody said you should ask him if he was cheating, ask him what build he is using. You already know what classmod / gear, let him fill the rest of the gaps.

Is that still not possible?

If there was a game changer build that would allow Maya to essentially face-tank Vorac on OP8 while using a Bee shield and all NE weapons and taking very little shield damage in the process, it would be all over the Internet.

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